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  • The Wet Hair Look is August’s Hottest Hair Trend

    Posted on
    If the steamy August heat has turned styling your hair into a nightmare, consider a trend that’s become the summer’s off-duty style staple. The wet hair look couldn’t be easier...
  • The Top Davines Hair Care Products According to Stylists

    Posted on 1 comment
    Every stylist has a go-to product to help them pull off the perfect look. We surveyed ours, and the votes are in. These are the top Davines hair care products...
  • The Best Davines Shampoo and Conditioner, According to Your Hair Type

    Posted on 1 comment
    Inclusivity is just as important to our brand and heritage as sustainability. We’ve always strived to highlight individuality and diversity, which is why our in-salon offerings and product formulas aim...
  • How We Highlight Sustainability

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    With a renewed focus on the environment, sustainability is currently a buzzy word in the beauty industry. Sustainability, at its most basic, is the effort to sustain our natural resources...
  • A Look Inside Davines

    Posted on 1 comment
    Whether you’re new to Davines or just curious, consider this your crash-course in the brand. The education pays off: the more you learn, the better you’ll understand our products—and get...

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