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gem pages image
gem pages image
gem pages image

Light. Time & Colour

Finding the universal in the particular

Light and time are the primary raw ingredients of photography. And combined they create a third element: color.

This conceptual collection is bridging the gap between hairstyling and other arts: music, photography and painting. All these creative sources have been processed by Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell in a narrative way, to create a series of conceptual images with tasteful colors and unusual shapes. Tom decided to move away from shooting digital onto film, creating portraits which have a sensibility to who the person really is.

Pacific Ocean Green 1

Pacific Ocean Green

If you combined the color tones of bronze sand and green, with a haircut which is half Young Americans-era Bowie, half Ska Punk, and threw in a vintage forest print shirt, you would have the ingredients to create Pacific Ocean Green: the first look from the new conceptual collection from Davines.

Pacific Ocean Green 2

Color over technique

We wanted the color - not the technique - to take center stage. These looks are drenched in unusual color tones, that lead the images.  Each tone is still restraint and chic  - while strong and original - being confident that the detailed development of the intricate nuances will provide the intrigue we are looking for.  

Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director

Colorado Topaz hair image

Colorado Topaz

Akhal-Teke horses have an almost translucent hair color and were our initial inspiration for this look. During further research into this palette, Tom came across a lighter, more translucent version of topaz only found in Colorado. We created two colour tones reminiscent of our findings, in two different depths. 

Colardo Topaz small

To gain the full reflect of the Colorado Topaz tones, it was important to have solid surfaces for the light to reflect on. A disconnected short geometric shape through the front was combined with a long, one length haircut at the back.

First Light Hair Image
First Light

Graphic silhouettes with a capital G! First light is a look which best represents the approach of treating a shape like a sculpture and using color to bring it to life. Combining haircutting with hairdressing we created a twisted knot, a graduated undercut with an exaggerated feathered fringe

First Light small

This was all done to create a sculpture we could paint with the First Light color tone, inspired by the warm beige early morning light before dust has been disturbed into the atmosphere. Creating a strong separation between the contrasting shapes and accenting the fringe, we aimed to create an image which delivers more to look at each time you glance.

Unusual but familiar shapes

Taking things which already exist and reconfiguring them, creating layers in each image which reveal a new detail at each viewing. These images should exist outside of fashion or trends, instead being a reaction to the world around us, an alloy which is unique to Davines.  

Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director

Last Light hAIR IMAGE

Last Light

True copper was in our minds when we created Last Light. Looking at the metallic reds which make up the element copper, along with the reflective red tones which sunset produces in reaction to the dust in the air, we developed a tone that while vibrant has the feel it could occur naturally. The canvas for our color was inspired by the haircuts of mid 70’s skateboarders, elongating the classic shag shape into a bolder more exaggerated result.

gem pages image


Tom Connell- Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh Hodges- Davines Colour Ambassador