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A New Colour

image of a red flower on a transparent background

A New Colour is Davines’ ammonia-free permanent coloring system, designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting.

For this line, we drew inspiration from the world of nature, specifically the expressive range of light, shapes and colors seen in insects. A New Colour is ammonia-free, extremely versatile and complete in order to turn color into endless creative possibilities — the ideal instrument for a hair colorist.


Why choose A New Colour?


- The line is composed of cream color, cream base, & activators (5, 10, 20, 30, & 40 volume)

- Provides full coverage of white hair

- Can darken and lighten up to three levels

- Can change reflects with great flexibility


- Velvety, intense and multi-faceted colors

- Made with natural anti-oxidants for long-lasting, shiny colors

- Ammonia-free, for an odorless and pleasant application

- Delicate formulas for smooth and hydrated hair

A New Colour


A New Colour and the creative intelligence

image of red, yellow, and blue watercolor

In nature, carotenoids and melanin are responsible for the stunning and diverse range of color.

Starting with these same ingredients, the Davines Research Laboratories have developed an innovative and delicate hair color system inspired by nature. A New Colour translates color into infinite possibilities, letting a colorist take charge and let their imaginations run wild.

Behind the formula

A New Colour features ammonia-free formulas with natural antioxidants.

A formula derived from plants

The formulas have carotenoids and melanin derived from plants that counteract free radicals and have antioxidant properties. Formulas are ammonia-free to ensure an odorless application, providing comfort for both the stylist and client.

Healthy, shiny, hydrated hair

A New Colour preserves hair thanks to its gentle formulas with emollient and moisturizing substances like castor oil and carnauba wax. Metasilicate, which is part of the cream base, is a natural and biodegradable powder rich in silica. The overall end result is soft hair and intense, velvety colors.

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