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Hair Serums

Sometimes your hair and scalp need an intensive treatment. These lotions can help combat hair loss, purify, soothe or renew the skin.

Hair Serums
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What does hair serum do?

Hair serum is a lightweight, often silicone-based product that helps to smooth,tame frizz, add shine, andprotect hair from heat styling and environmental damage. It can also provide hydration and nourishment to dry ordamaged hair, making it appear healthier and more manageable.


How often should I use hair serum?

Depending on your hair type and styling routine, you can use hair serum daily or as needed. Adjust the frequency based on how your hair responds and your desired results. Keep an eye out for greasy, weighed-down strands and reduce the amount of serum you use if necessary.


Is serum good for hair growth?

Hair serums improve hair appearance and manageability but do not directly stimulate growth. Using hair serums to improve your hair’s appearance, however, might result in less heat styling and thereby result in less breakage. To promote growth, focus on a balanced diet and proper hair care practices.


Should I apply serum on wet or dry hair?

Applying serum to wet hair can help to detangle, moisturize, and protect it from heat styling while applying it to dry hair can help to smooth frizz, add shine, and enhance manageability. Check the label of your hair serum for a specific recommendation.


How do I use hair serum?

Take a small amount and apply it evenly through damp or dry hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Avoid applying too much, and style your hair as usual.


What are the benefits of hair serum?

Hair serum can smooth frizz, add shine, tame flyaways, reduce breakage, protect against heat styling damage, moisturize dry hair, and enhance manageability. Check out our collection of hair serums to review each of their benefits. Select a hair serum most suited to your hair type and hair care needs and be sure to apply as instructed for best results.


Is it better to use a hair conditioner, hair mask, or hair serum?

This depends on your specific hair needs.Conditioners are ideal for daily use to moisturize and detangle hair, whilemasks provide deeper hydration and repair for more intense treatment, typically used weekly. Serums are lightweight and ideal for controlling frizz, adding shine, and protecting hair from heat styling, making them suitable for daily use or as needed for styling.


All three products contain valuable nutrients and proteins for your hair. Be wary of overloading your hair with protein by using too much of these products. Dry, stringy, and brittle hair is a telltale sign of protein overload and a signal to use masks and serums less frequently or in balance with more water-based moisturizers.

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Day in and day out, our hair comes up against a number of damaging factors that degrade its integrity, break down its natural defenses, and leave it vulnerable. From environmental issues like air pollution and wildfire smoke to internal triggers like stress and inadequate nutrients, our hair often reflects our environment.


While good hair maintenance practices begin in the shower with asulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, no routine is complete without a thoughtfully chosen hair serum. Hair serums add much-needed nourishment and moisture to create shiny, sleek, healthy, and manageable hair.


Hair serums add nutrients back to thirsty, damaged hair, sealing off the follicle and preventing additional moisture loss. They can add body to limp strands and minimize frizz forcoarse curls. Hair serums protect from damage by sealing the hair cuticle and shielding hair from environmental hair or contact with direct heat thereby improving the overall health and appearance of hair.

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