When is the last day for orders to arrive before Christmas?

Our order cutoff for delivery by Christmas is December 15th at NOON Eastern Time. Orders will ship out from our warehouse located in New York state. This order cutoff is an estimation based on the average shipping times with USPS and UPS, but not a guarantee.

For all orders placed on and after December 16th, please allow for a 3 to 5 business day shipping delay.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Please allow 1 business day for orders to be processed and shipped by our warehouse. Orders placed on the weekend will ship within the following 2 business days. After shipping, delivery times depend on the shipping method and are outlined at checkout as follows:

Ground - 4-5 business days

Priority - 3-4 business days

Express - 2-3 business days

Is free shipping available?

Free shipping is offered for orders of $75 or more. Orders with free shipping ship with Priority service (3-4 business days) unless they contain an item which requires ground shipping, then they ship with Ground service (4-5 business days).

What carriers does Davines ship with?

We use the following carriers to ship online orders:

Ground - UPS Ground (for products that require ground shipping) or USPS First Class Mail

Priority - USPS Priority Mail

Express - UPS 2nd Day Air

Is there an extended holiday return or exchange policy?

Yes! We are extending our return and exchange policy for orders placed between Green Friday (November 27th, 2020) and New Years Day (January 1, 2021). You may return the item(s) for a full refund or exchange up to 60 days after the date of purchase for orders placed in that time. To request holiday return authorization, please contact our customer care team at contact@davines.us. Further return guidelines are listed below.

Will there be shipping delays for other orders placed during the holiday season?

Due to high volume, we are expecting shipping delays between December 16th and the new year. Please allow for a 3 to 5 business day shipping delay for all orders placed on and after December 16th.

Orders will not ship on the following days due to holidays at our warehouse: December 24th, 25th, 31st, January 1st, 4th and 5th.

Our Christmas order cutoff is December 15th at NOON Eastern Time so that we can accommodate all orders placed for the holiday.

Any ideas for holiday gifts?

Yes! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide and Winter Favorites chosen by the Davines team. We’d also be happy to give you a customized recommendation when you reach out via live chat! Our Customer Care team will be available during business hours. We’ll also be live for Holiday Text an Expert on the following days:

Monday, November 16th 12pm ET - 5pm ET

Wednesday, December 4th 12pm ET - 5pm ET

Thursday, December 10th 12pm ET - 5pm ET


What is the history of Davines?

The Bollati family founded Davines in 1983 in Parma, Italy. It originally began as a research laboratory specializing in the manufacture of quality haircare and skincare products for cosmetic companies. The name "Davines" is a combination of the Bollati children's names, Davide andStephania.

Where are Davines products made?

All Davines products are designed, formulated and manufactured at our headquarters and laboratories in Parma, Italy.

What is Davines' philosophy?

At Davines, we believe that the balance between beauty and sustainability, what we call "sustainable beauty", can improve our lives and the world around us. By creating "beauty" we want to encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment in which they live and work, what they love. For us, sustainability has to do with the responsibility we feel for ourselves, the people we work with, our customers, the world in which we live and work.

Is Davines packaging carbon neutral?

Since 2018, Davines has been carbon neutral on the production of packaging across all product lines. We are proud to support the non-profit EthioTrees land and forest regeneration project in Ethiopia to offset the carbon emissions from the manufacturing of our products while sustaining local agricultural communities and an easier access to clean water.

Does Davines use renewable energy?

At our carbon neutral Davines Village in Parma, Italy, where we manufacture our products, we exclusively power the factory and office using electrical and thermal energy derived from renewable sources. Every product that we formulate, design and produce is also made with clean energy.

Which products contain Slow Food ingredients?

Our Essential Haircare and SU lines both contain specific active ingredients sourced from Slow Food Presidia farms, a non-profit association that unites the spread of food culture, the defense of sustainability for humans and the environment.

Does Davines have a code of ethics?

"Davines does not aim to be the largest company in the world, but to be the most beautiful and the most ethical thanks to all." Davide Bollati, President of the Davines Group. In partnership with a philosophical counselor, Davines employees have designed and developed a collection of professional values, related to the behavior and ethics in the workplace, as well as to the way in which small gestures of everyday life can improve the workplace. Unlike a strict code, this "Carta Etica" contains no rules or instructions. We work daily to ensure that this cohesion of common values ​​echoes in the quality of our services. The Carta Etica has become central to our vision of beauty.

Does Davines test on animals?

No, The Davines Group does not test on animals. To discover more on our position please visit this page.

Is Davines a B Corporation?

The Davines Group has been a B Corporation since 2016. Read more about this certification here.


Do Davines products contain nuts?

Yes, some of our products do contains nuts, listed below:

Essential Haircare - VOLU/Hair Mist, LOVE/Curl Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Cream, Cleansing Cream, Primer, Revitalizer and Controller, MELU/Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mist, NOUNOU/Shampoo.

SU Hair Mask and Aftersun.

OI Hand Balm.

Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator.

All Finest Pigments shades and Gloss.

Do Davines products contain gluten?

Most Davines products are gluten-free, except the following: 

Essential Haircare - LOVE/Curl Cream and MOMO/Potion

More Inside - This Is An Oil Non-Oil

Naturaltech - Nourishing Hair Building Pak and Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner

Authentic Formulas - Authentic Cleansing Nectar

Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid

A Single Shampoo

Do Davines products contain parabens?

No, our products do not contain parabens.

Do Davines products contain silicones?

Yes, the silicones Davines use are "breathable", as they do not leave any negative residue on the hair, are easily removed with a mild shampoo and do not affect the performance of treatments.

Do Davines products contain sulfates?

No, our products do not contain sulfates.

Do Davines products contain fragrances?

Yes, our products contain a fragrance. If you have any questions about the specific fragrance of a product, reach out to us at contact@davines.us.

Do Davines products contain alcohol?

Some Davines formulations contain alcohol, because it acts as a solubilizer to increase the penetration of active ingredients, to solubilize the resins in styling products, to make products lighter on the hair and to facilitate drying. If formulas are well-balanced they will not damage the hair shaft.

Do Davines products contain nanomaterials?

No, Davines products do not contain nanomaterials.

Do Davines products contain preservatives?

Yes, we use minimal amounts of preservatives in our products to protect the integrity of the formula. Our products are designed to be used in salons and showers and need to be protected when exposed to water. We use food grade preservatives where possible.

Do Davines products contain salt?

Yes, salt (sodium chloride) is used in small percentages in some of our shampoos.

Do Davines products contain UV ray protection?

Yes, our SU line is specifically formulated for protecting the hair from sun damage.

Are Davines products organic?

While we use many naturally-derived ingredients and some ingredients from organic farms, our formulations are not certified organic.

Are Davines products natural?

Davines products are formulated with ingredients of natural origin, but they are mixed with synthetic ingredients, to guarantee safety and performance.

Are Davines products vegan?

While Davines products are not certified vegetarian or vegan, the majority of our products contain no animal-derived ingredients, except the following:

VOLU/Hair Mist because it contains keratin.

Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive, because it contains royal jelly.

This is a Strong Dry Wax and This is a Strong Molding Clay, because they contain beeswax.

Do Davines products have an expiry date?

Our products are tested to have a shelf life of over 30 months. They do not have an expiration date, but do have a Period After Opening time indicated on the back label of the packaging.

Can I use Davines products when pregnant or while breastfeeding?

Davines products are in line with the current cosmetic standards. However, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, strong changes occur in the body of each woman.
So, before using Davines products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, ask your gynecologist or family doctor for advice: knowing your personal history, they will guide you for the best.

Where can I view the list of ingredients for Davines products?

The list of ingredients is printed on the back of every product or product box. You can also find the ingredients listed on our website.

What is the pH value of Davines products?

The pH of Davines products varies according to the product considered. In general, our shampoos have a pH ranging from 5 to 5.8; our conditions from 3.8 to 4.8; our treatments have a pH of approximately 5. If you have any questions about the pH of a specific product, reach out to us at contact@davines.us.

Are professional size products on sale through e-commerce?

Professional size products are not on sale online.

If a product changes colour, can I still use it?

You can. We use food-grade colorants and limited preservatives so it is possible that a product changes color without affecting its performance. 

Do Davines products contain palm oil?

Davines buys preferably palm oil certified by RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil), which guarantees that it does not cause environmental damage.

What method do you use to calculate the percentage of naturalness of your products?

At Davines, “natural origin ingredient” means an ingredient that retains 100% of its naturalness, even after chemical transformation obtained by means of approved processes. This does not include any raw material with a synthetic component.

What does “modified natural” mean?

The “modified natural” definition applies to ingredients that have a natural part combined with a synthetic part.

What does “synthetic ingredient” mean?

Synthetic ingredients are those that are completely obtained from synthetic reactions. 

What method do you use to calculate the percentage of biodegradability of your products?

Biodegradability is calculated as the sum of the percentage of rapidly biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD 301 method. This method defines as “rapidly biodegradable” an ingredient that exhibits a degradation of at least 70% over 28 days.


How do I open an account?

Click on “Register”, enter the required details and fill in the consent to data processing and newsletter subscription. At the end, click on “Enter”. If you are completing an order and are not registered yet, the details relating to registration or shipment will be requested during the purchasing process.

Where can I edit my account details?

To manage your data, access your personal profile through the “My account” section.

How do I reset my password?

You can request a new password in the Login page, by selecting “Forgot your password?”

How can I receive your Newsletter?

To subscribe to our newsletter, simply enter your email address in the Sign Up box at the bottom right of the website.


Can I change an order once it's been submitted?

No, once an order is confirmed, you can no longer make any changes. Please reach out to Customer Service contact@davines.us as soon as possible to inquire about any issues you have.

What payments are accepted on Davines site?

You can choose the preferred payment from Credit Card or PayPal.

How can I use a promotional code

To use a promotional code, enter the code in your shopping cart at checkout. If your code has been entered correctly, the amount and / or the contents of the Shopping Cart will be recalculated according to the promotion applied.

What do I do if my products arrive damaged?

If your order arrives damaged or tampered with, please contact us at contact@davines.us.

Can I return a product?

As part of our commitment to give our customers the best experience, Davines offers a fair return policy. If you are dissatisfied with any product purchased through our site that has been opened, you may return the item(s) for a full refund or exchange up to 30 days after the date of purchase. Please be advised that prior authorization is required on all returns. Return acceptance is at the sole discretion of Davines.

If returning an item(s), you must include all parts, pieces and printed materials in order to be eligible for a refund. Also, to ensure that your returns are received by Davines, please make sure to add insurance to your parcels through your preferred mail delivery services. To receive authorization for a return, please contact us at contact@davines.us

Please allow up to 21 days for the return to be processed, at which time a credit will be processed. To make it easy, please contact our team at contact@davines.us

PayPal Returns

Exchanges are not offered on PayPal orders. Items returned to our warehouse will be processed as a refund to our PayPal account. Please contact us at contact@davines.us

Can I get free samples of Davines products?

We offer free samples with any online order. They are available to choose at checkout.


How long will my order take to arrive?

On average, you will receive your purchase within 5-7 business days of your order being processed. Orders received on Saturday and / or Sunday are processed the following Monday. Delivery times may vary in cases of things like severe weather. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout based on your location. For all orders over $75, shipping is free.

Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship within the United States, unless you are in Italy where you can place an order through our Italian site, it.davines.com.

How do I track my order?

You will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking information when the order is shipped from our warehouse.


Can I get advice on how to choose the right Davines products for me?

The best way is to visit a Davines salon near you so a trained product stylist can play with your hair! Check out our Salon Locator to find your nearest Davines salon. Our blog, YouTube channeland Instagramalso offer how-to videos, tips and trend information. At the top of our website, the dropdown menu for 'hair status' can also help navigate the right products for your hair needs.

Does Davines organize professional courses?

Yes we have professional education. Visit DavinesProfor more details on our courses.


How can I apply for a job with Davines?

You can visit the Work with us section of our website, in the bottom part of the page.

I am a blogger/journalist, how can I receive information or collaborate with you?

Please head to the 'contact us' page and select the relevant drop down and someone will be in touch. 


I would like to distribute Davines products. Is that possible?

Please head to the 'contact us' page and select the relevant drop down and someone will be in touch. 

Where can I find a list of Davines Salons?

You can find the salon nearest you with our Salon Locator: us.davines.com/pages/salon-locator


For any additional questions not answered above, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team: contact@davines.us.