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Damaged Hair Products

These remedies restore and repair: our damage correcting and anti-breakage products possess high grade, all-natural ingredients to restore your hair's true texture.


Damaged Hair Products
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What causes damaged hair?

Hair can be damaged in three ways: Mechanical damage happens when hair is over-brushed, over-styled, or exposed to environmental factors. Chemical damage is caused by hair dye, bleach, or harsh hair products. Heat damage occurs when hair styling tools are used too often withoutheat protection


How can I tell if my hair is damaged?

Ensure you are checking the condition of your hair regularly. Look for signs such as dullness, rough texture, split ends, breakage, and excessive tangling. Pay attention to how it feels when you run your fingers through it, as damaged hair may feel brittle or straw-like. Another sign of damage is that your hair is not growing, even with frequent trims. You may also notice increased frizz and difficulty styling your hair due to its damaged state.


Can damaged hair be repaired?

We recommend regularly trimming split ends, applyingdeep conditioning treatments, minimizing heat styling, and using gentle hair care products to restore the health of your hair and prevent further damage. 


How do I care for damaged hair?

To care for damaged hair, opt for chemical-free products that can help restore moisture and shield it from further damage. Before styling, apply a heat protectant ormoisturizing leave-in spray. For further treatment, considerapplying a hair mask weekly to restore hydration.


What is the best shampoo for damaged hair? 

To restore and repair your hair, consider opting for anourishing shampoo that is formulated for your hair type and needs. Choose from a daily shampoo enriched with moisturizing and protective antioxidant properties, or select ananti-breakage shampoo designed to gently cleanse while leaving your hair soft and silky. 

What is the best conditioner for damaged hair? 

When repairing damaged hair,choose a conditioner formulated with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Amoisturizing conditioner can help strengthen hair strands, improve elasticity, and effectively revitalize the hair’s condition. A conditioning treatment may also nourish and promote the longevity of the scalp and hair. 


Should I cut my damaged ends?

Leaving damaged ends can lead to further breakage and hinder healthy hair growth. Scheduling a trim every three to four months can help your hair grow faster while keeping it healthy and fresh. 

How do I repair chemically damaged hair? 

To help repair and revitalize treated hair, consider a deep conditioning treatment specifically designed to nourish and repair chemically treated hair, whether bleached, permed, or colored. 

Is it okay to use heat styling tools on damaged hair?

It's best to minimize heat styling on damaged hair. If you use heat tools, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray or serum beforehand and use the lowest heat setting possible to reduce further damage. 

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Damaged hair is a common and frustrating concern, often caused by a variety of external factors, including hair type, climate,styling choices, and hair care routines. Split ends,frizz, breakage, dull appearance, and limpness are just a few signs that our hair needs repair. However, with proper care, hair damage can be managed, treated, and even reversed. 


For chemically damaged hair, it's essential to use products that restore moisture, enhance elasticity, and protect color-treated strands. Salon processes such as dying, bleaching, perming, and chemical straightening can leave hair follicles vulnerable and dry. Look for shampoos and conditioners designed to replenish moisture and strengthen hair structure. 


You don’t have to stop going to the salon or using heat on your hair but you should be intentional about using the right hair products. Consider incorporating a leave-in conditioner,softening hair oil, or heat protectant, especially before using styling tools. Our damaged hair products use high-grade ingredients that support your hair’s normal structure and bolster its natural defenses. 


By using gentle products, trimming hair regularly, and minimizing heat styling, you can help your hair thrive naturally and stay strong. Remember, your hair deserves to be treated with care.

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