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Colored Hair

Maintain beautiful, rich color with a hair care system formulated to intensify all hues, whether naturally colored or cosmetically-enhanced.

Colored Hair
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What is color-treated hair?

Any hair that has been chemically dyed or treated to change its natural color is defined as color-treated hair. This process involves permanent or semi-permanent dyes, highlights, lowlights, or full-color that alters the hair’s hues. 


How do I maintain colored hair?

Opt forshampoos andconditioners that are free from harsh ingredients and are specifically designed to maintain your color and nourish the hair, whetherblonde, brunette, or red-toned. Additionally, aim to limit heat styling and exposure to UV rays to prevent color fading. 


Will coloring my hair damage it?

If done frequently, or with harsh chemicals, coloring your hair can cause damage.The chemicals in hair dye can strip away the natural oils, leading to dryness, breakage, and dullness. To minimize this risk,extend your time between cuts and colors by using quality products that protect the color and prevent breakage and the development of split ends. 


How often should I dye my hair?

It varies based on factors like hair growth rate, desired color intensity, and the type of dye used. Typically, waiting four to six weeks between sessions allows the hair to recover and reduces potential damage. However, if you're using semi-permanent dyes, you may need to touch up your color more frequently.


Is it better to dye my hair at home or the salon?

Both at-home dyeing kits and salon treatments have their advantages. Salons offer professional expertise, customized color formulations, and precise application, making them ideal for significant color changes and for those concerned about potential damage. At-home dye kits provide convenience and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for color maintenance or touch-ups between salon visits.

How does shampoo formulated for color-treated hair differ from regular shampoo?

Shampoo for color-treated hair is specifically formulated to be gentler and help preserve the color longer. It often contains moisturizing and pH-balancing properties to protect and nourish the hair, maintaining your shade's vibrancy. 

Should I use specific products on color-treated hair? 

Choose from products that are made to specifically protect and preserve your hair color, while also addressing your hair’s needs. Because colored hair is more prone to dryness and breakage, consider using adeep conditioning treatment weekly to restore moisture and prevent color fading. You may use hair oil or leave-in spray for additional hydration and nourishment to colored hair, helping to keep it soft, smooth, and manageable. 

Should I avoid any hair care practices or ingredients with color-treated hair? 

Avoid using harsh shampoos and conditioners containing sulfates, which can cause color to fade more quickly. Additionally, limit overwashing to prevent color fading and dryness and try to wash every two to three days with lukewarm or cool water. 

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To keep your colored hair vibrant between salon visits, avoid using harsh products that contain sulfates, parabens, SLES, and formaldehyde. These ingredients have a reputation for stripping hair of its moisture, color, and strength. 


All shades of colored hair—whether blonde, brown, or red—require a thoughtful maintenance routine for color preservation and overall healthiness. Start by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair maintenance. Follow up with a leave-in spray orSPF oil to shield your color from heat and UV damage. For further care, incorporate a weeklydeep conditioning hair mask to boost color retention and repair damage, retaining your hair’s luster and shine. 


Both colored hair and natural hair can benefit from extra moisture and non-toxic products. The Davines colored hair maintenance products offer naturally derived ingredients that enhance color, replenish moisture, and prevent breakage. Use our consciously crafted formulas to complement your hair's natural properties and support its overall health.

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