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Curly Hair Products

Add bounce back to your curls with these curly hair products. Our shampoos, conditioners, mousses and curl-building serums resist humidity, prevent frizz and give elasticity back to curls.

Curly Hair Products
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What is the correct technique for using heat protectant?

To use a heat protectant, start with clean, damp hair. Hold the spray bottle about 6-8 inches away and apply it evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Allow the product to dry before using heat-styling tools like blow dryers or flat irons. The higher the heat, the more prone your hair will be to damage.


What does heat protectant do?

Heat protectant forms a barrier on the hair to minimize damage from heat styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons. It reduces dryness, breakage, and split ends by absorbing or dissipating some of the heat, leaving hairsmoother and healthier-looking. The protection from direct heat prevents hair fibers from getting damaged and splitting or breaking.


What should I look for in a hair heat protectant?

Look for products containing silicones to form a protective barrier and conditioning agents like panthenol or argan oil to moisturize. Additionally, consider ones withUV filters to shield against sun damage and antioxidants such as vitamin E to strengthen your hair. 


How much heat protectant should I use?

It can be tempting to douse your whole head of hair in a heat protectant to prevent breakage. Always follow the individual instructions for each heat protectant, but in general, spray enough to evenly coat your hair with a light layer from mid-lengths to ends. 


Are there any other benefits to heat protectant?

Heat protectants protect your hair from heat, but they can also work with your heat tools for easier styling and manageability. With less hair damage, dryness, and breakage from heat tools, your hair will appear shinier, sleeker, and healthier.


Are there any alternatives to heat protectant?

We recommend using a heat protectant formula spray, but if you need to use heat tools in a pinch, you can use a combination of coconut oil and aloe vera gel to form a protective barrier. This is not recommended for long-term use or as a permanent replacement for heat protectant spray.


What heat setting can I use after applying heat protectant?

Most heat protectant sprays will protect hair up to the maximum heat setting for standard heating tools. Before you crank up the heat to make styling faster, understand that heat protectant spray can make hair easier to style on a lower setting. Always use the lowest heat setting possible to achieve the desired look for maximum protection and prevention against damage.

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At Davines, we prioritize the health and beauty of your hair, recognizing the need to safeguard it from the damaging effects of heat styling and UVs. Our range of heat protectants reflects our dedication to excellence in hair care. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and carefully selected ingredients, our formulas offer unparalleled protection against heat damage. 


Whether you prefer the convenience of a lightweight spray or the indulgence of a nourishing cream, each product is designed to provide maximum protection without weighing your hair down or leaving residue behind. We offer heat protectants that specifically care for colored hair, protect against UVs, smooth away frizz, and nurture damaged strands. 


If you want to defend against heat styling damage, maintain your hair's health and vitality, and enhance the longevity of your styles, choose Davines. With our commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust our range of heat protectants for salon-worthy results every time.

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