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We are circular


The story of a shampoo bottle begins long before it arrives in your shower! At Davines, we study the most low-impact packaging solutions for all our products.

From research to production

From research to production

At Davines Village, we have a department called Packaging Research and Development that, thanks to the principles of eco-design, studies the most low-impact packaging solutions for all our products.

Only once we are satisfied with the results of our research — about environmental impact, material innovation, and industrialization efficiency — it is then possible to move on to production without compromising on quality and safety.

Our suppliers also respect our values. For example, Punto Pack, a local manufacturer from the Parma area, produces packaging in post-consumer recycled plastic. And following our example, has also become B Corp.

Eco-design principles

Ever heard of eco-design? In Davines, eco-design became the guiding light of circular packaging development. Let’s explore our main principles together:

Lightweight packaging

Our first principle of eco-design is to use less material by designing lighter packaging. Lighter packaging not only consumes less material, but it also translates into lower CO2eq emissions

Among the materials allowing the lightest packaging, there is plastic, always better if recycled. The efforts made from 2014-2021 allowed the Davines Group to avoid the use of 130 tonnes of plastic thanks to the reduction of the packaging weight and the elimination of unnecessary components. This also allowed us to avoid 355 tonnes of CO2eq over the years.

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Recycled or renewable sourced materials

The recycled plastic that we use for our packaging comes mainly from PET plastic bottles.

Remember that the second fundamental eco-design principle we keep in mind is the use of circular materials, recycled or coming from renewable sources. The use of recycled materials becomes even more important when speaking about plastic. 

We monitor all the packaging materials of the products manufactured at Davines Village, and we are happy to share that from 2014 to 2021, we reduced the share of virgin fossil plastic by more than 60% using recycled and bio-based plastic

This means that we were able to avoid the use of 711 tonnes of virgin fossil plastic, substituting it with recycled and bio-based, which is equivalent to about 4.5 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty. This also allowed us to avoid 1.124 tonnes of CO2eq.

Reuse of empty packaging

One of the most interesting — and unique — aspects of Davines packaging is that it can be reused for other purposes and have a second life even before recyclingFor example, the packaging of Essential Haircare or Naturaltech conditioners can become beautiful pots for plants or containers for your small household items. Thanks to their minimalist design, repurposed pots can be useful in any salon, office or home. So before disposing or recycling your Davines products, experiment with creative reuse solutions: you're contributing to circularity!

Packaging recyclability

Speaking of circular packaging, recyclability is an essential aspect to consider. We are proud to say that the material of our plastic packaging is recyclable and dreams of having a new life! For example, recycled PET can be transformed into textile fibers to make beach towels, umbrellas, backpacks, and much more.

Remember that your contribution in the recycling phase is essential: use the product until the last drop and check the instructions of your municipality on how to carry out a separate collection. A small gesture of attention contributes to the creation of a circular economic model. 

Positive impact outside of our value chain

We have shared with you what we do — starting with eco-design — to minimize the impact of our packaging. But there is even more that we do outside of our designing process, manufacturing facilities and recycling efforts. 
In 2021, we started an exciting partnership with the social enterprise Plastic Bank collecting 100 tonnes of “ocean-bound plastic”. And in 2022, for every product sold by Davines, an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic is collected and removed from the coastal areas of Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines. The ocean-bound plastic is recycled to re-enter the global supply chain in a truly regenerative perspective for our planet and its people. 

Carbon Neutral Packaging

A fundamental guideline that we follow, in the choice of our packaging, is the reduction of CO2 emissions and other green-house-gases to combat climate change. However, we are aware that every human activity — even the one carried out with the greatest care — has an impact on the planet. No matter how much we work hard, we are not yet able to cut all the emissions related to our packaging: but still, we can be responsible for all those that remain.

That’s why we are absorbing from the atmosphere all the emissions deriving from the lifecycle of our packaging, thanks to the reforestation projects of Ethiotrees in Ethiopia and, more recently, Scolel’te in Mexico. Because of this, we are proud to remember that since 2018 100% of our product packaging is carbon neutral.

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