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Choose the hairspray hold that works best for your look: from workable texture to strong and secure.

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Is hairspray good for your hair?

Yes, modern hairsprays offer versatility, lasting hold, and soft texture without damaging your hair. Traditional hairsprays used to be loaded with harsh chemicals and alcohol which were harmful to your overall health and hair health. Our hairsprays are formulated without alcohol and other toxic ingredients, providing a gentle and elegant finish for any style while caring for your hair's health.


How to use hairspray?

To use hairspray effectively, hold the can about 8-10 inches away from your hair and spray evenly over styled hair. For added volume, spray at the roots and massage lightly. Avoid spraying too much in one area to prevent stiffness, and allow the hairspray to dry completely before touching or styling further. For updos or intricate styles, add an additional light spray to secure your hair and maintain the finished style.


What does hairspray do?

Hairspray provides lasting hold and texture to styled hair, keeping it in place throughout the day. It helps maintain the desired hairstyle, prevents frizz and flyaways, and adds shine and volume for a polished look. This is especially helpful for budge-proofing hair for events or occasions that require physical movement.


How long does hairspray last?

This depends on how much hairspray you use, the nature of the event, environmental factors, and the level of activity. Typically hair spray should last throughout an entire day, but if possible keep a hairspray product on hand for touch-ups and occasional maintenance. 


How often should I use hairspray? 

Hairspray can be part of your daily hair care routine, but it is best for your hair to wash it out regularly. It is important to use the right amount of hairspray to not overwhelm your hair with buildup and product residue.


How should I wash out hairspray?

Hairspray can be cleansed from your hair in a typical hair wash cycle. Use a regular shampoo to gently cleanse your hair and remove excess dirt, oil, dust, and product. Focus on massaging shampoo through your scalp to loosen any remaining hairspray. If you feel that your hair could use a deep cleanse from using hairspray, consider using a clarifying shampoo or double washing. Follow withconditioner to restore moisture and revitalize hair.


Are there alternatives to hairspray?

Depending on the style you would like to achieve, you can use different hairspray alternatives. If you would like to simply add texture to your strands, a texturizing spray can separate strands and define waves for an effortless style. Dry shampoo can sometimes be used to add volume and create subtle hold for certain easy hairstyles but is not recommended for intricate updos. Hair pomade is an alternative for setting and defining curly styles andreducing frizz.


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This well-known, powerful styling product often conjures up images of late 80s hairstyles that reached for the sky, stayed in place for days on end, and created crispy curls, immovable updos, and ringlet ponytails. Hairspray, however, has come a long way. It’s the styling secret of many famous hair care experts and offers versatility, lasting hold, and soft texture.


The hairspray of the past featured an exorbitant amount of alcohol, leaving the hair crispy, parched, and frozen in place. In addition to alcohol, conventional hair sprays featured a host of other toxic ingredients. 


Davines’ hair sprays come in a variety of strengths that provide the perfect amount of hold for your hair. They won’t leave hair crunchy or frozen but instead create a soft, elegant appearance, no matter the style you choose. Our hairsprays are made without parabens and added colorants so you can rest easy that your hair is styled without harmful ingredients.

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