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Products & Shampoo for Gray Hair

From enhancing natural color to anti-aging formulas, these are our best products to add shine and softness to gray hair.

Products & Shampoo for Gray Hair
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Why is my hair turning gray? 

As you age, the reduction in melanin production by hair follicles leads to the appearance of gray or white hair. While genetics and certain medical conditions can play a factor in determining when and how hair turns gray, lifestyle choices and environmental factors can also influence premature graying or accelerated graying. This can be because of smoking, poor diet, exposure to environmental pollutants, and potentially stress.


What age is common for gray hair?

Gray hair commonly starts to appear in the 40s or 50s as part of the natural aging process, although it can begin earlier for some individuals due to genetics or other conditions, such as autoimmune diseases or chemotherapy, or potentially stress.


How do I care for gray hair?

To care for gray hair, use sulfate-free products to prevent dryness and breakage. Choosemoisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep hair nourished and healthy. You may also consider usingpurple shampoos to combat the brassiness that can sometimes occur with gray hair. Minimize heat styling and use protective products to maintain the hair's integrity. 


What products should I use for gray hair?

Because gray hair can become rough and dry in texture, choose a hydrating restorative shampoo to enhance shine and softness. If you are managing color-treated grays, opt for acolor-enhancing shampoo to ensure the color stays vibrant and protected. Aconditioning treatment may be used weekly to promote the well-being of the scalp and hair. 


Can stress cause gray hair?

The direct link between stress and gray hair is still debated. While some studies suggest a correlation, more research is needed for conclusive evidence. 

Is it possible to reverse gray hair? 

Currently, there is no scientifically proven method to reverse gray hair completely. Once the hair follicle has stopped producing melanin, the hair color is gone. You may, however, choose to use color treatments or embrace the natural process. 

Will covering my gray hair cause damage? 

Using hair dye or color treatments to cover gray hair doesn't necessarily damage it. However, frequent or improper use can lead to issues like dryness, breakage, or scalp irritation. To keep color-treated gray hair healthy, consider using a color-enhancing shampoo to maintain color vibrancy and nourish the hair. 

Should I pluck my gray hair? 

Pulling out one gray hair isn’t usually harmful. You may do it to maintain a more youthful appearance or consistent hair color. However, if you frequently pluck gray hairs, you risk damaging the hair follicle over time. This can lead to weakened hair shafts, potential scarring, and even permanent hair loss in the affected areas. 

Does gray hair continue to grow? 

Even though your hair may turn gray, the hair follicle remains active and will continue to produce new hair. Gray hair will continue to grow alongside your other hair, but may lack pigment. 

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Gray hair is a natural part of aging, typically appearing in the 40s or 50s due to reduced melanin production. Caring for gray hair requires gentle products to combat dryness and maintain its health and shine. 


Davines offers a range of hair care products specifically formulated to nourish and enhance gray hair.Our sulfate-free shampoos gently cleanse without stripping moisture,while hydrating conditioners restore softness and vitality. For color-treated grays, consider a color-enhancing shampoo to keep tones vibrant and protected. Incorporating a weekly conditioning mask can hydrate and support scalp health, as gray hair can be rough and dry in texture. 


With Davines, you can embrace your gray hair confidently, knowing it's receiving the care it deserves. Whether you choose to enhance its natural beauty or preserve your color, our products are designed to ensure your hair stays soft, shiny, and healthy.

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