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gem pages image
gem pages image

Shadow Prints

The first 2021 lifestyle hair collection by Tom Connell

Darker panels of color in unexpected places: make your hair look thicker and brighter thanks to the contrast between color shades

We're excited to present two timeless styles: a short grey pixie cut inspired by Tilda Swinton and a long layered haircut in tasteful chocolate brown tones. Each look bears the name of the woman who wears it, as a part of the Davines "Portraits of People" project: a long-term cultural journey that began in 2020 with The Eternals  collection and aims to represent the evolution of how women express their personality through hair.

Stephanie 1


This cool Tilda Swinton inspired haircut can be adapted for all ages. 

The darker shadow panels provide a great introduction to color for someone with white hair wanting to add thickness and depth, without the commitment of a full head color. 

The dark section creates a visual effect where the white tones of the rest of the hair appears brighter, and the hair in general looks thicker thanks to the contrast between the shades.

Stephanie 2
Alice 1


Alice is wearing an iconic 70’s LA Laurel Canyon look in two chocolate brown tones

Normally the lightest part of the hair is  closest to the face, here we took this concept and reversed it. The rich darker chocolate is close to the skin and its shadow enhances the eyes and cheekbones of the wearer. A lighter chocolate tone is placed behind throughout the rest of the head. 

Leaving the hair to dry in natural waves enhances the cohesion of these complimentary tones. 

Alice 2

Express your soul

I want to help every woman to express her creativity, going beyond the here-and-now to portray the most intimate element of the human being; the element that is not influenced by style choices or momentary situations, but remains anchored to our most sacred and immutable essence. That is our soul.

Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director

gem pages image


Tom Connell- Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh Hodges - Davines Color Ambassador