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90s Hairstyles That Are Making a Comeback

The 90s are back in a big way. And we’re not just talking fashion. From the iconic “Rachel” made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, to Claire Danes’ middle part in My So Called Life, to things like scrunchies and butterfly clips — the hair trends of the 90s are showing up everywhere. Whether you lived through the decade, or just admired it from afar, we’re breaking down 20 of the best 90s hairstyles and beauty trends ahead!

20 90s Hairstyles Davines Loves

The Rachel

It’s impossible to talk 90s hair without a nod to The Rachel. Made popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, this might be our favorite 90s hair trend of all. The cut features a heavily layered face-frame and cascading volume. Today’s version is updated with shorter layers and an added fringe.

Butterfly Clips

Adding butterfly clips to any hairstyle instantly gives it a 90s feel and we love these whimsical little clips. Go bold and mix different colors or stick to ones that match your hair. Use them to hold back fringe, at the base of your ponytail or pigtails, or to decorate an accent braid.

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is another 90s hair trend that’s officially back: celebs like Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls have been seem rocking the style recently. For a modern look, work in bigger crimps and be strategic; keep your roots sleek and only crimp the ends or crimp a slicked back ponytail and secure with hairspray.

Baby Spice

We can’t reminisce over 90s beauty trends without bringing up the Spice Girls. Specifically, Baby Spice's iconic high pigtails and bangs combo. Play with your pigtail texture, by wearing them straight or throwing in a few crimps. This is one of our favorite 90s hairstyles to rock this season.

Swoop bang Davines 90s hair trend

The Swoop Bang

When it comes to swoop bangs, nobody rocked them in the 90s like pop princess Aaliyah. And the swoop is back in a big way. The modern spin? Lots of shine and a smooth flip, styled with a half ponytail.

Micro Fringe

Synonymous with 90s grunge hair, micro fringe are having another moment and we’re loving them again. Want a bold update to your strands? Try a micro fringe. These bangs work with both straight and curly hair — just be sure to use dry shampoo to keep the grease at bay. 

Face-Framing Accent Braids

One of the most common themes among 90s hairstyles are loose pieces in front twisted into tiny braids — celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Beiber have been seen rocking this look today. Copy their 90s hairstyle by leaving two pieces out from your updo and twisting them into braids.

The Blunt Bob

Another 90s hair trend we’ve seen come around again is the Drew Barrymore blunt bob. Today’s version is more lived in and slightly shorter than it was decades ago. It’s not too precise and requires little to no styling, just tuck a side behind your ear and go, and a use a light hair oil to tame any flyaways.

Davines middle part tutorial 90s hair

Middle Part

Who can forget when Angela Chase dyed her hair bright red and rocked a middle part in My So Called Life? The middle part is a forever chic hairstyle. It’s classy while still being edgy. You'll want to stay away from too much volume when recreating this 90s hair trend, so use an anti-frizz serum to add shine and keep it sleek.

Feathered Bangs

Practically every TV character from the 90s sported feathered bangs. From Kelly Bundy to Kelly Kapowski, this was the cool girl style of the decade. We’re loving the resurgence of these wispy bangs on both long hair and short. Check out our previous post on how to style curtain bangs for more.

Hair Scrunchies

Another super cute 90s accessory — the scrunchie — is having a second life and we’re all about it. Whether you opt for a bold print or sleek velvet, the scrunchie will never let you down. Wrap your scrunchie around a high pony, a low pony, a top-knot or a braid.

Pixie cut hair 90s trend davines

Pixie Cut

Few short hairstyles in the 90s are as iconic as Halle Berry’s pixie cut. And it’s still going strong today. Rock the pixie straightened, curled, parted to the side, or slicked down; but no matter how you style it, a dry molding wax is your go-to product for this one.

Hair Clips

Celebs in the 90s were all about hair clips: big flower clips, colorful barrettes and oversized metallics were an extension of their personalities. Try decorating your strands with a statement hair clip for a throwback 90s feel.

Flipped Out Bob

Another hair trend we can’t ignore when talking about the 90s is the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen signature flipped out bob. There’s something so classic about flipped ends and a middle part — keep your modern version undone and lived-in, and use atexturizing spray to add some piecey definition.

Bubble braid tutorial Davines 90s hair

Bubble Braids

Take another cue from the 90s with bubble braid pigtails. Use clear hair elastics, secured around your pigtails before pulling the hair out to create the bubble effect. Leave the bubbles smooth or tousle your hair for a more undone look.

Chunky Highlights

We’re taking it back to the Spice Girls again with this trend, but this time it’s all about Ginger Spice. Her chunky highlights were bold and placed around the face. Today’s chunky highlights are spaced throughout the hair, looking more natural, but still gorgeous. Ask your Davines stylist to curate the perfect look for your hair, and maintain the new hues with color protecting products.

Tiny Braids

Teeny tiny braids are totally 90s: think Janet Jackson and Brandy. Not only do these braids still look cool today, but they add extra personality to a lob or mid-length hairstyle. For an even more 90s vibe, weave a contrasting ribbon through your pleats.


Pigtails were one of the trendiest hairstyle go-tos during the 90s. At least, in part, because of Britney Spears and her iconic "Baby One More Time" video. We’re here to tell you that pigtails are cool again! Whether in the form of ponytails or french braids, this 90s hair trend is back.

layered ringlets davines 90s hair trends

Layered Ringlets

Mariah Carey and her layered ringlets are ingrained in 90s culture. Voluminous, natural tight curls were her signature style and we’re seeing them everywhere again. If you have naturally curly hair you can rock it easily, and if you don’t, see our previous post for tips on how to make curls stay.  

Finger Waves

Finger waves are another classic 90s hairstyle (think Missy Elliott and Nia Long) that we can’t get enough of today. And these waves couldn’t be easier to recreate! Rub a strong hold gel through your hair and use a comb to make an S-shape while placing one finger where you're making the groove to keep it in place. 

90s Hairstyles: the Takeaway

These 90’s hair trends are hot. So pick your style, load up on your favorite Davines products and take it back to the nineties!

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by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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