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How To Avoid Frizz All Summer Long

Why does humidity cause our hair to become puffy in the first place? To finally fight frizz for good, it’s time for a short science lesson. Stick with us for a moment—we promise that this will save you time in the long run, while combatting this commonly frustrating hair dilemma. 

In the same way that the convergence of cold and warm weather fronts causes condensation (i.e.thunderstorms), the accompanying moisture-filled humidity clashes with frayed hair strands. This allows moisture to seep through the cuticle, causing hydrogen bonds to form in between the already-existing water molecules and keratin (proteins) in your hair. 

Essentially, when your hair gets frizzy, this is a result of having too much keratin in proportion to the moisture available, inclining your stands to seek water from outside sources. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to prevent and eliminate frizz throughout all stages of the hairstyling process.

Sustainable sourcing 

Sulfates have been getting some bad press recently, but not all sulfates are created equal and there are a great cleansing agent for shampoos. At Davines, all our shampoos are sulfate free, so any concerns are taken care off regardless. Our gentle formulas ensure you don't strip your hair of its natural oils - which can leave it dry and prone to damage.When choosing a shampoo, the goal should be to gently get rid of excess oil, rather than stripping the life and vital nutrients out of your greasy strands.Give your locks some love with our award-winning LOVE Smoothing Shampoo or ourMINU Shampoo if you color your hair.


The simplest and most effortlessly-effective way to fight frizz is to keep your hair hydrated, especially in the humid summer months. Whether it's from coloring, heat, or natural elements, reverse the damage by adding moisture-rich products into all stages of your hair styling ritual.After a mild shampoo, make sure to use a smoothing conditioner when in the shower. We recommend theDEDE Conditioner and the award-winningMINU Conditioner for colored hair.For a hydration boost, spray on someDEDE Hair Mist to de-frizz before styling and run out the door.

Heat protection

When it comes to haircare, the number one rule might as well be to avoid using heat (when possible). However for some of us, this often proves to be unrealistic. Whether you can’t be bothered to wait for your hair to dry or simply want to change up your look, there is no reason to give up your favorite style for healthy hair.To prevent frizz and future damage, plan carefully and proceed with caution. Using heat protection products should become an integral part of your styling routine.Try theYour Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer and theMELU Hair Shield for all-around care.

Repair sun damage

Despite its lightening properties, the sun significantly impacts your hair below the surface. As a form of heat, remember that the sun’s rays can easily dry out your hair – especially during the summer. Of course unlike styling tools, there is no practical way to avoid this heat source. In some ways, avoiding its potentially damaging effects on your locks are not inevitable.For this reason, we recently launchedSU, a full line of products dedicated to resolving this dilemma. Consisting of a shampoo, leave-in treatments, and an after-sun solution, this range allows you to protect your hair from harmful rays (and help fight frizz) throughout the warmer months.

Discover our complete range of anti-frizz productshere for all of your hair care and styling needs.

by Elisa Lewittes

cover photo by @mlee73

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