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Six Ways to Use a Hair Mask On the Go

Whether you color your hair, style with hot tools on the regular, or just like to maintain your strand health, hair masking is a hair care must and at the core of every good beauty routine. A hair mask is a super powerful hair conditioner that tames frizz, restores damage and generally brings lacklustre lengths back to life. 

But there’s only so much time in a day and between your in-shower products, leave-in treatments, serums and heat protectors, hair masking can easily fall to the bottom of your beauty to-do list. Enter The Restless Circle. This invisible textured hair mask adds instant body to limp, lifeless hair and can be applied anytime, anywhere, so no one will know you’re secretly working towards more beautiful hair. Read on for six ways to deep-condition on-the-go.

A Davines hair mask pouch with a workout outfit

Photo by Senza Titolo

1. Wear a hair mask to the gym. 

Not only is masking while you work out a great way to self-care multitask, but working up a sweat also helps the mask penetrate into your strands better. 

Apply your hair mask and pull your hair into your favorite workout ‘do and go. By the time you're finished working out, you’ll be left with soft hair and a post-exercise glow.

2. Wear a hair mask running errands. 

Need to walk the dog? Throw on a hair mask. Quick trip to the grocery store? Throw on a hair mask. Need to mail a letter? THROW. ON. A. HAIR MASK. Running errands is the perfect way to beauty multitask with a hair mask. Run your hair mask through your locks and pull your hair back into a simple low ponytail. By the time you get home your hair will be soft, shiny and strong. 

3. Wear a hair mask in the sun. 

No matter the season, slathering on a hair mask while you’re in the sun will amplify its conditioning benefits so anytime you plan to spend some time outdoors is the perfect time to use a hair mask. And don’t forget your SPF!

Woman with natural hair standing outside

Photo by @sarahshenphoto

4. Wear a hair mask in your sleep. 

If your hair is especially dry consider masking overnight. Apply your hair mask before bed as a deep conditioning treatment. Wash your hair out in the morning and get ready for a good hair day. 

A Davines hair mask sitting on a marble table with flowers

Photo by Davines North America

5. Wear a hair mask to brunch. 

Mask over mimosas and rock a killer hair trend at the same time with a head scarf. Not only will you look super chic while catching up with your friends, but your hair mask will work its magic while you’re brunching and no one will be the wiser.

6. Wear a hair mask while you clean. 

Need to get stuff done? Throw on a hair mask and get to work. Your mask will work, while you do and afterwards, your house will sparkle and so will you! 

The Restless Circle is the newest addition to our Circle Chronicles collection, and features chia seed extract to instantly add body while preventing breakage. More info on The Circle Chronicles here.

by Jaclyn LaBadia

cover photo by @heyitslindsphoto

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