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What type of blonde is right for you?


Blonde hues are virtually endless: cool and warm tones ranging from platinum, to golden, to ash.

Here's our simple guide to find out which one will suit you best.

Have you ever wondered which kind of blonde suits you and your personality best? By choosing the perfect shade – warm or cool blonde – you could dramatically enhance your complexion. And by adjusting the "volume” of your blond – from the deepest ash to the boldest platinum – you have a great chance to really express yourself through your style.

So, what kind of blonde are you?
Ash blonde hair example

Ash blonde, natural and low maintenance 

It’s a very natural and simple shade of blonde, easy to wear and to choose for a new look. Ash blonde is perfectly suited for those with cool undertones with a low contrast with the intensity of the eyes.  

Caring for it at home is also easy, because ash blonde doesn't really deal with much shine loss, which can affect other blonde hues. To add more shine, we suggest applying an oil or another styling product with a shimmering finish.

On the chromatic scale, ash blonde often sits on the borderline with light brown. However, the two shades shouldn't be confused, and your trusted Davines hairdresser will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect color!
Blonde with highlights image

Blonde hair with highlights, to add more shine 

If you already have light hair, highlights are an excellent solution to make the shade brighter and more vibrant. The result is reminiscent of the typical summer effect on your hair, but thanks to thebleaching done by a professional, you can get this effect all year round.

Highlights are perfect both for warm and cool shades of blond, so let your imagination run free.

Even better, they help cover grey hair and could be the starting point in a transition towards a lighter shade, even from brown hair.
gem pages image

Degradé blonde with dark base

Over the last few years there has been a flood of requests to bleach hair ends. This way, the root stays darker and it is easier to manage the regrowth. 

The degradé is suited for medium length or long hair, because it allows an easy management of the chromatic change.

Partial bleaching of the hair could be more or less bold, marking either a strong or a weak contrast between the base color and the one of the lengths.

It is especially important to care for extremely bleached hair, by periodically applying a nourishing mask and using a rich conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Bleaching and blonde dye: ask a professional!

From Grace Kelly to Zoe Kravitz, there are a ton of beautiful examples of iconic blonde locks.
If you are considering a radical new look and want to try bleaching or lightening your hair, remember to ask a professional for guidance!

Bronde hair example

Bronde, the marriage of blonde and brown

Do you have dark hair and are curious about how you'd look as a blonde? We'd suggest starting — slowly, to maintain hair health —  with a dark blonde or “bronde.”

The word “bronde” is literally the fusion between the words brown and blonde. In order to get a satisfying result, customized to work with your original hair color, we highly recommend avoiding at-home DIY solutions. Talk to your stylist to find the best color fit!

Honey blonde hair Davines

Honey blonde, versatile and trendy

Ever so popular, honey blonde can present many varying shades. These range from copper blonde to caramel brown, and from golden blonde to wheat-blonde.

Honey blonde offers the benefit of being very natural and low maintenance, making it the perfect choice to brighten up your hair without changing too much.

On top of that, it is a wonderful shade for women who like long, wavy hair and braids, since the reflection of the light on the different hues of honey blonde is enhanced by this style.

Platinum blonde example

Platinum blonde, the coolest metallic shade

Platinum blonde is a very bold color, evoking a free-spirit. But since the bleaching process can be time consuming (depending on your original shade), it's crucial to ask your hairdresser to bleach your hair and make suggestions for at-home care.

To help your bleached hair stay healthy, remember to use specific shampoos and conditioners and to periodically apply a restructuring and nourishing treatment.

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