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A Single Shampoo

This is not a shampoo. This is our declaration of sustainability.

image of the davines a single shampoo product

Meet A Single Shampoo: our first 100% carbon-neutral shampoo.

A Single Shampoo represents our best efforts to combine a professional quality formula with the highest-possible levels of sustainability. To achieve this goal, we followed the Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment, a procedure that evaluates every possible impact on natural resources, environment and society, during the entire life cycle of the product.

Experience truly sustainable beauty

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Just like Essential Haircare, A Single Shampoo contains an active ingredient that supports biodiversity: one unique surfactant is sourced partially from the Quercetano Olive Slow Food Presidium.

This olive oil-derived cleansing agent has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and noticeable similarities to oils your hair produces naturally — this means you'll get a gentle and effective clean. A Single Shampoo is suitable for everyday use on all hair types, offering gentle cleansing, elasticizing and hydration.

A Single Shampoo


Take a closer look...



- Contains surfactants derived from olive oil and sustainable palm oil.

- 100% natural fragrance and 100% natural preservatives.

- 99.75% ingredients are able to be traced directly to the source of their origin.

- No added colorants, silicones or animal-derived ingredients.


-100% recyclable bottle made of bio-based plastic from renewable, vegetal (sugarcane) sources.

- Reduced use of plastic in bottle: 48% less than our average competitor.

- Packaging designed to reduce transport impact: we've added 28% more per pallet than the average Davines retail-size shampoo.

- Packaging designed to facilitate using every drop and avoid product waste.

Our statement of sustainability

Developing a sustainable formula


This state-of-the-art formulation maximizes biodegradability, sustainability and naturally-derived ingredients.


98% natural-origin formula

100% natural derived active ingredients
The quinoa-based conditioning agent adds softness and shine, while a multifunctional carbohydrate provides hydration and moisture.

100% natural preservatives added — the 39% of synthetic preservatives comes from raw materials.

Fragrance & traceability

100% natural fragrance, made of natural essential oils. These include lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, patchouli and geranium essential oils.

100% ingredients have a supply chain traced to the place of origin. No added colorants, silicones or animal-derived ingredients, PEG or ethoxylates.

Sustainability features

The development of A Single Shampoo came from our desire to achieve truly sustainable beauty.

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Fighting CO2 emissions

Carbon neutrality

This is our first ever 100% carbon neutral product: the CO2 emissions generated during the entire life cycle of the product are 100% offset.

Sustainable design A Single Shampoo Davines

Strategic, sustainable design

Sustainable packaging

The bottles are made of recyclable bio-based polyethylene. Originating from vegetable sources (sugarcane), bio-based plastic helps to significantly reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

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