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Brunette to Blonde: Everything You Need to Know

Taking your hair from brunette to blonde is not an easy process, but the results can be oh so good. If you’ve been toying with the idea of going blonde, but not sure your naturally darker strands can pull it off, we’re here to tell you that they can. It’s totally possible to get the blonde of your dreams while keeping your brown hair healthy and brass-free. You just have to know what’s up. And that’s why we’re telling you exactly how to go from brunette to blonde, while keeping your hair healthy. This is your ultimate guide to going blonde- including the best before and after care tips and blonde hair products. Read ahead for everything to know before, during and after transitioning your hair to blonde!


Transitioning from Brunette to Blonde

There are some things to consider before going from brown to blonde hair. First up is your natural hair color, texture and hair history, including any times you’ve used color or chemicals on your hair. Even hair color that’s years old can affect the way your hair will lift and potentially cause damage. If you have virgin hair, aka uncolored, it will be easier to go from brunette to blonde. Virgin hair is healthier and stronger than processed hair. It lifts evenly, where pre-colored hair can lift to different levels in different places, making it harder to get the color even. You should also consider your skin tone and eye color. The blonde you think you want may only be a starting point. Your perfect shade is one that works with your natural coloring, and a colorist will help you determine it. Finally, consider your lifestyle and budget before committing to going blonde. Drastic changes require much more upkeep than subtle ones. Be prepared to make regular salon visits for toners and glosses. Hair that’s been lightened doesn’t hold onto color very well and needs lots of maintenance.

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How Long the Brunette to Blonde Transition Takes

How long your brunette to blonde transformation will take depends on your starting brunette shade, desired blonde shade and your hair’s history. Going from darker strands to light should be done with care, ideally over a few visits. Keeping your hair as healthy as possible should be the main priority. Generally going two shades lighter than your natural brunette color requires bleach. If you want to do a double process blonde (like platinum) you'll need at least two bleach applications back to back, which takes at the very least four hours. The number of salon visits and total time it takes to get you to your desired blonde will vary accordingly, but expect at least six months to a year if you want a big change.

Exploring Different Shades of Blonde

The season's best blonde shades for brunettes include icy ash blondes that look almost gray to warmer blondes with hints of honey, beige copper and bronze. We love Davines Hair Art Director, Tom Connell’s take on a classic Italian bob using metallic blonde shades. The chic blonde bob falls between the chin and the shoulder with metallics inspired by nature and the way sunlight reflects on the sea, the sand and the rocks- the perfect cut and color for the season. Another blonde look we love from Connell’s Coastline Reflects Collection is created from a blend of different shades, our Shimmer Blend metallic blonde. It can be adapted for a warmer or cooler look, depending on your skin tone and how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Remember the lighter and brighter you go, the more care your hair needs to keep it healthy.

 Pre-Salon Appointment Preparations for Brunettes Going Blonde

Healthy hair lifts most quickly and easily, so you really want your hair to be in its healthiest state before going blonde. Start using deep conditioning treatments weekly, a month before your appointment. You should also try to minimize heat styling in those same few weeks. Come to your appointment with hair that’s not too dirty, and not too clean. Ideally, your hair should be washed two to four days before your appointment. If you wash your hair the day of, the product can irritate your scalp, and if your hair is too dirty, the natural oils can interrupt the lightening process.

Post-Coloring Care: Maintaining Healthy Blonde Hair

From purple shampoos to heat protection, these essential care tips will keep your color-treated blonde hair looking healthy and bright.

Use Products Made Especially for Blonde Hair

Our Heart of Glass Blonde Collection is a five-part regimen for maintaining the health and beauty of your blonde. Heart of Glass offers a complete routine including blue shampoo and conditioner, reinforcing treatment and illuminating thermal-protective fluid.

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Wash Your Blonde Less

Overwashing your strands can leave your blonde dull and lifeless. Keep your colored hair healthy and vibrant by washing no more than three times a week and use dry shampoo on your off-days to absorb excess oil and add volume. 

Alternate with Color Boosting Shampoo

Keep brass away and maintain your blonde hues with color boosting shampoos like the ones from our Alchemic Color Enhancing Collection. These toning shampoos, used once a week in place of your regular shampoo, add pigments, enhancing the clarity of your blonde.

Hair Mask Weekly

Bleached blonde hair needs lots of attention in terms of hydration and color protection. So it’s important to keep up the deep conditioning you started before going blonde. Once a week, use a color-safe hair mask to deeply nourish your colored hair.

Protect Your Blonde in the Sun

Your hair is just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin. In addition to discoloring your blonde or making it brassy, UV damage shows up as dry, lifeless strands, split ends and frizz. Grab a hat or scarf and coat your strands with hair sunscreen before spending the day in the sun.

 Recap: Key Points to Remember when Transitioning from Brunette to Blonde

Taking your hair from brunette to blonde is a process that can’t be rushed. Because when it's done the right way, going blonde can be transformative. If you’ve been thinking about it, this is your sign to go lighter. A colorist will help determine your best blonde- a shade that compliments your skin tone, helps express your personality, works with your lifestyle and makes you glow. To explore your options, speak to a colorist at your local Davines Salon. Follow our tips for going from brown hair to blonde and use only the highest quality products for colored hair like the ones from Davines. All the products in our blonde lines are designed to highlight the beauty of blonde hair. Never compromising on our vision of sustainable beauty, the assortment is also produced with energy entirely from renewable sources. All of the products are carbon neutral, and the bottles are made with post-consumer recycled plastic. Not sure where to start? Take this hair quiz to see which products work best for your hair!

Heat styling causes damage to your hair, and if your hair’s been lightened, it’s more susceptible to breakage caused by heat styling.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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