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A Guide to the Best Hairstyles This Fall

There’s something about fall that innately feels new. Temperatures drop, leaves change color, and the days grow shorter. The new season calls for a new you. That means updates to your wardrobe, updates to your skincare routine, and an update for your ‘do. It’s very common to experience hair shedding in fall, making it the perfect time to re-think your hairstyle. Whether you want a permanent change or just to freshen up your strands, we’re breaking down our favorite haircuts and hair colors for the season. 

The best fall hair color trends

1. Shades of chocolate and cinnamon 

While the warmer months bring on the desire for a lighter, brighter, sun-kissed hue, the fall has us wanting richer, darker hues. And this season, that means shades of brown in chocolate and cinnamon. These colors add depth, dimension, and warmth to any hairstyle. And they look great on everyone. If you’re already a brunette, you can get the look by rotating in a color conditioner for brown hair once a week after shampooing.

2. Toffee highlights

Highlights are a beautiful way to add warmth to any hair color, especially brown hair. If you’re looking to brighten up your darker strands for fall, try toffee highlights. Not quite brown, but not quite blonde, toffee is the perfect blend of each, adding movement to darker hair. Ask your hair stylist to place your highlights heavier around your face to brighten your complexion. 

3. Ombre

The ever-popular ombre hair trend is sticking around for fall. Traditional ombre features a gradient color transition, without a visible line separating dark from light. But this season’s version is less severe, for a more natural grow-out phase. It’s a fully blended ombre with babylights and a few brighter money pieces.

Woman Davines ombre balayage hair

Photo by Cassell Ferere

4. Red balayage

What’s the difference between balayage vs ombre? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. While both are considered highlights, the major difference is that balayage is a technique with a more vertical placement, and ombre is a gradient of horizontal color. Balayage doesn't have to be ombre, but ombre has to be balayage. And the balayage look for fall is red. Dark strands with fire engine red to be exact — and we are here for it! 

5. Golden blonde

If you plan on going blonde for fall, make sure it’s a golden blonde. Golden strands, especially in the form of highlights on darker hair, are another hair trend we’re loving this season. This multi-tonal hair color is a mixture of honey, golden, and buttery tones of blonde. Keep your golden hue bright and brassy-free with weekly deep conditioning treatments and color-safe shampoos and conditioners.

6. Bronde

Bronde is the perfect low-commitment hair color for anyone looking to add warmth this fall. If you’re a brunette who wants to go brighter, or a blonde who wants to go darker, bronde is the answer this season. It’s a universally flattering shade that will warm up any complexion.

7. Cool gray

Gray hair continues to be one of the hottest hair trends for 2021. For fall, we’ll see middle gray tones take the spotlight. Think steel gray strands. This color, especially on long hair, looks so simple and sophisticated for the season. And it’s so easy to maintain with the right gray hair products. Just let your silver strands grow freely!

8. Golden black

Not quite brown and not quite black, golden black falls somewhere in the middle. This is the perfect hue for brunettes who want to go richer this season. Golden black is a neutral shade (not cool like traditional black) making it complimentary on most skin tones.

9. Raven black

Dark hair is all the rage this season! It’s a one-dimension shade of jet or raven black and it’s amazing for fall. But this dramatic hue takes some confidence to rock. Black strands are moody and beautiful, but they aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a bold change this season, ask your stylist about going raven black!

Davines hair tutorial copper fall colors

10. Burnt copper

Copper is another hot hair color trend for fall. A burnt copper is complimentary to all skin tones, especially as summer tans fade away. Your stylist can guide you in how intense your copper should be. But keep in mind, this is a high maintenance hair color to keep up. It’s typically done as a single process, making the grow-out very noticeable. Regular touch-ups and a weekly swap out of your regular shampoo with a copper shampoo are a must!

The best fall haircut trends

11. Baby bangs

One haircut trend we're really digging for fall is micro-bangs, also known as baby bangs. This 90’s inspired fringe is the easiest and edgiest way to update your look this season. Unlike blunt bangs, baby bangs are wispy and less heavy, and blend perfectly into your haircut. Baby bangs look best on wavy hair that's been air-dried, but you can fake it with a brushable hairspray. Spritz some onto your bangs to give them a textured style without weighing them down.

12. Feathery cut

Long, feathery layers look so chic on long hair for fall. And they’re an easy way to try a new ‘do without sacrificing your hair’s length. A few face-framing pieces and layers throughout your locks will give your hair all the volume and bounce you need this season. Depending on your face and how it should be framed, your layers should start around your eyes.

13. Shag

We saw the resurgence of the modern shag haircut a few seasons ago and it’s holding strong for fall. This shag is a mixture of a feathered cut around the face with lots of choppy layers throughout. This trendy hairstyle is easy to maintain and works on long hair and short hair as well. Day to day styling is a breeze with this cut — all you need is a sea salt spray to add texture.

14. Lob

Another low-maintenance cut that’s hot for fall is the lob. This long bob cut hits right between the jawline and collarbone and can be adapted for all face shapes and hair textures. It looks just as good air-dried and wavy as it does on blow dried straight and smooth.

15. Pixie

Don’t feel like worrying about pulling your hair up? A bold pixie cut is always in style and this season is no different. If you’re looking to go short after a summer full of saltwater, chlorine, and sweaty ponytails, take the plunge and go for a pixie cut! When you hit the salon chair, speak to your hair stylist about what kind of pixie would look best for your face shape.

Curtain bangs fall hair tutorials Davines

Photo by @goldandglowco

16. Curtain bangs

The most popular of all the bang styles and a major hair trend for the season, is the curtain bang. From side-swept bangs to heavier blunt bangs, there’s never been a better time to try these out. Shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, curtain fringe bangs are so versatile and easy to wear. And because they're typically cut longer, curtain bangs are also easy to grow out.

17. Afro

An afro is a beautiful way to help define the coils of naturally curly hair. The key to nailing this look is to keep your afro rounded — curly hair naturally grows in a rounded shape, but you might need help to get it started. Ask your hair stylist to cut or trim your hair to shape the natural curls into the roundest form possible.

18. Mullet

Fall's newest choppy hair trend is nothing like the mullets of the past. Still a bold and rebellious style, this season’s mullet is more like a shaggy-bob hybrid. It’s more wearable and modern, and super easy to maintain. Styling is as easy as combing your hair into place and blow drying it using your fingertips to mold it into shape. Use hair wax to get rid of flyaways.

19. Headscarves

There couldn’t be a better time for the headscarf trend than the fall. Headscarves are such a cozy hair accessory and are a great way to keep your head warm in cooler temps! This season, we’re loving the look of a headscarf tied around the head like a headband, with a ponytail or topknot. Try adding one to your next updo and watch how it transforms your entire look.

20. Modern bob

This fall is all about the sharp, blunt, modern bob. Along with one-length blunt bobs, we’ll see angular and asymmetrical bob haircuts. Precisely cut and hitting at the jawline, these bobs are great for rounder face shapes.

Final thoughts about the best fall hairstyles

Fall is a natural time to think about starting fresh, and that includes trying hair out that you might not have before. No matter what your hair type is, there’s a cut or color for you to get excited about this season. Whether you want to change it up for good, or just make a tweak, these hairstyles will help you to look your best this fall season. 

Spray to achieve piecey, defined texture and hold.

Dry cleansing shampoo that does not require water.

Hair wax for creating soft definition and separation.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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