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How to Refresh Curls: Achieve Your Best Hair Day Everyday

Curly haired people can relate to the struggle of preserving their freshly washed curls. Right after washing and styling, your curls are at their best- springy and full of volume. Only for them to fall flat and limp the next day. But washing everyday strips your strands of the moisture they need to flourish. So how do you combat droopy curls and bring back bounce and definition without going through the entire washing and styling process all over again?

We’re breaking it all down and telling you how to refresh curls between washes. Read ahead for our top tips and tricks to make your next-day curls more manageable.

Understanding the Importance of Refreshing Curls

In between wash days, curls start to lose definition and develop unwanted frizz, lacking volume and elasticity. Typically, you have to re-wet and re-style your hair to get your curls back and eliminate frizz. But frequent washing is bad for your strands. Enter the curl refresh. Refreshing is the practice of using minimal time, tools, and product to bring your curls back to life between washes. Curl refreshing not only helps you maintain the health of your hair, it’s a time-saving styling hack.

Methods and Tips for Refreshing Curls without Hassle

Halfway through your wash schedule is the best time to refresh your curls. For most people this will be every two to three days. Get ready to step up your curly hair routine. This is exactly how to refresh curls. 

Starting with Night-Time Care: Prepping Your Curls

Your curl refresh starts by prepping your curls at bedtime. The best way to protect their shape while you sleep is to pineapple them. To do this, flip your hair forward and gather it at the top of your head, as close to your hairline as possible. Depending on your length, place your pineapple as high as you please. You can also gather it to one side or directly in the middle of your head. Secure it with a large scrunchie and keep it relatively loose. This ensures you won’t wake up with any dents of creases in your curls.

Wet Refreshing: Bringing Back the Bounce

Wondering how to refresh curls in the morning? Try a wet refresh to bring back their bounce and shape. You’ll need a spray bottle filled with water, towel, and the curl refreshing product of your choice (more on that in a minute). Section your curls tagretting frizzy or undefined sections, and use the spray bottle to soak each section as you go. When your curls are dripping wet, emulsify your curl refreshing product by rubbing it between your palms, then gently squeezing it into your curls using prayer hands. Follow by scrunching with a towel. Move section by section until your curls are refreshed. Once dry, this method should extend the life of your curls for at least a few days.

Dry Refreshing: The Quick Fix

Thick, coarse curls tend to hold their shape better than those with finer curls. In this case, a dry refresh is usually all that's needed. Grab your favorite product and begin similarly to wet refreshing. Section your hair targeting the frizzier, less defined sections. Emulsify about half the amount of product you’d use on wash day in your palms, and squeeze it into your sectioned curls with prayer hands. Then follow up by scrunching with your towel.

Choose the Right Products for Your Curls

Wondering how to refresh curls without frizz? It’s all about the products. When it comes to choosing the right ones, the best curly hair products come down to personal preference. These are our favorite formulas to bring your curls back to life.

 - Curl Reactivating Spray : To boost the vitality and elasticity of your curls between shampoos and control frizz.

 - Anti-Frizz Oil : To add structure and definition to hair, smoothing frizz without residue.

 - Curl Serum : To add elasticity and shine to curls, blocking frizz and humidity.

 - Curl Gel : To define and hydrate very curly to coily hair.

 - Dry Shampoo : To absorb oil and impurities, prolonging the duration of your curly hairstyle in between washes.

 - Curl Cream : To define curls and keep them soft and shiny without leaving residue.

 - Curl Mousse : To add hydration and keep curls bouncy and nourished without frizz.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes While Refreshing Curls

If you’re well versed in how to refresh curls, and for some reason you just can’t get your next-day curls right, you may be making one of these common mistakes.

 - Using too little product. If your curls look defined in some places and frizzy in others, you may not be using enough product to coat every strand.

 - Touching your curls. Touching curly hair during the drying process can disrupt the curl pattern and lead to frizz and flyaways.

 - Using the wrong styler. If your curls are limp or look dry, you might be using the wrong product. Note that creams are best for hydration and volume gels are best for definition and hold.

Final Thoughts on Maintaining Fresh and Beautiful Curls

Now that you know how to refresh curls, it’s time to think about a color refresh. Metallics are trending hard for curly hair, just in time for the launch of Davines’ latest collection from Hair Art Director, Tom Connell. The Coastline Reflects collection features bronzed metallic looks ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of your curly hair. Ready to choose the perfect bronze shade for your curly hair? A Davines colorist can help you choose the right look from the collection, based on your hair type and skin tone.

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by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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