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Plan an At-Home Spa Day for Mother's Day 


The most important gift is the time we spend together! Here's how you can plan the perfect spa day for Mother’s Day, right at home.

Not sure what to get for your mom or mother figure this Mother's Day? Try something new this year with ado-it-yourself at home spa day!

How do you plan a spa day at home?

Mothers Day spa day Davines
Start by creating a relaxing atmosphere by finding inspiration from actual spas: 
  • Tidy up your houseand move everything that reminds you of work into another room: your laptop, cell phone, etc.
  • Use an ambient diffuser with relaxing essential oilsto add fragrance to rooms. Or light some incense, encouraging meditation and mindfulness.
  • Close the blinds and light the room with candles.
  • Keep a playlist of soft musicplaying in the background: they can be sounds of nature or instrumental music.

Start with a rejuvenating scrub

Solu sea salt scrub cleanser Davines

The spa day should start with a bath or  hot aromatic shower— it's the perfect time to encourage Mom to enjoy treatments she might not normally have time for, to treat herself

Start with an invigorating scalp scrub: it rejuvenates the scalp and makes it easier to absorb any conditioner or leave-in products. To fight daily stress, tryDetoxifying Scrub Shampoo: it cleanses gently but effectively, and can be applied with a relaxing scalp massage.

If you're looking for a deeper clean, trySOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser with sea salt from a Slow Food Presidia. The fragrance is extraordinary: you will feel like you spent a day by the sea! 

Try a relaxing hair mask

After a relaxing bath or shower, encourage Mom to apply a hair mask: it's a classic form of self-care that you might not have time to bring into your daily routine. We recommend our The Circle Chronicles line of masks: seven products for seven different results, all of them of professional quality

The hair mask most suitable for a spa day is The Let It Go Circle, with its signature relaxing fragrance: it also gives softness and hydration to hair and scalp in need of a break. You can use The Let It Go Circle on its own, or using the multi-masking technique: apply The Let It Go Circle along the lengths and ends, and The Purity Circle (a revitalizing and detoxifying mask for stressed scalp and hair) on the scalp.

A tea for two!

At home spa day Davines tea

Once the spa day treatments have ended, set aside some time to relax together: listen to music, read a book, watch one of her favorite films or a few episodes of your favorite TV show…

And just like at the spa, all of this should be accompanied with some herbal tea or your mom's favorite refreshing drink. Just like a true spa, but from the comfort of your home!

An extra gift for your mom

If you would like to extend the pleasure of this day dedicated to taking care of yourself, you can give your mom an actual beauty treatmentin a Davines salon: whether that's a fresh new haircut, color, or just salon-exclusive treatment. Or additional ideas from our Mother's Day Gift Guide!




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