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Styling Bangs

"Should I get bangs?" This is likely a question you've asked yourself. Cutting your hair can be an amazing form of self-care; research even suggests your hair’s appearance can affect your mood. If you’re coming out of lockdown ready for a new you, getting bangs can instantly transform your look and signal a positive shift in your attitude. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to face fringe, but there’s a bang hairstyle for everyone! From curtain bangs to wispy baby bangs, we're breaking down everything you need to know about choosing a bang hairstyle and styling bangs for your face shape.

Types of bangs

Strands of hair that fall over the scalp's front hairline to cover the forehead are called bangs, and they can vary in style and length. The following are the most common types of bang hairstyles.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are longer bangs swept to either side of the face, literally framing your face like curtains. This fringe with roots in the ’60s and ’70s works best on medium-length and long-length hair, with a range of hairstyles and textures. Think curtain bangs with messy air-dried waves, curly shags, straight sleek blowouts, high ponytails and top-knots. However if you have a strong cowlick, avoid this style of bang as your fringe will jump up in the middle and split in the wrong place all the time.

  • How to style curtain bangs:  Style your hair as usual, then run an anti frizz serum through your bangs and flat iron them from roots to the ends to keep them from sticking up.

Blunt bags

Blunt bangs are fringe that have a sharp, fluid cut. This means no wispy or feathered ends. They fall straight across the forehead, landing between the top of the brows and the tips of the lashes. Ask your hair stylist to trim them gradually, cutting them longer at first and taking them up in increments. Going even a quarter of an inch too short makes a big difference with bangs. Unless you have super straight thick hair, a blunt fringe takes a concerted effort daily. If you have high cheekbones (lucky you!) and a sweetheart chin, blunt bangs are the fringe for you.

  • How to style blunt bangs:  Grab a flat-iron and quickly run it along dry bangs from your roots to your tips, slightly bending the iron under as you reach the ends of your hair. Finish by spritzing your fingertips with a brushable hairspray and running them down and out through your bangs.

Side-swept bangs

If you’re on the fence about getting bangs, these are the ones to ease into the new hairstyle with. Side-swept bangs are actually a long, sweeping layer that creates a vertical line in the front of your face so that the longest point falls above the tip of your nose. This type of fringe blends in easily with the layers around your face, making it subtle and super low maintenance. Because of this, side-swept bangs work well on any hair length and grow out fairly quickly. 

  • How to style side-swept bangs:  If your hair is straight, wet your bangs with water, and use a hair primer and blow dryer, blow drying them down as you pull with your fingers. If you have curly hair, use a small round-barrel brush, drying them in the opposite direction from the way they fall. As your hair cools, smooth your bangs to the correct side. Or spritz your strands with a beach hair spray and let them air dry, as you gently sweep them to the side with your fingers.

 Baby bangs

Baby bangs are very short bangs (usually only two to three inches long). Rocking baby bangs takes guts — this is a bold fringe. But they look so cool if you pull it off. This hairstyle looks best on people with very straight hair, and minimal to no cowlicks around the hairline.

  • How to style baby bangs:  If you have straight hair, styling these bangs is as simple as letting them air dry. If you have very curly hair or don’t plan on blow-drying daily, baby bangs are not for you. To style wavy baby bangs, spritz them with a heat protection spray and pull them straight down with your fingers and blast them with your blow-dryer.

Styling hair bangs Davines

Things to know about bangs before you commit to the chop

  • Styling bangs takes daily maintenance
  • Bangs need to be trimmed every few weeks
  • Know your hair texture and what that means for your bangs
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, request a dry cut
  • A side-swept bang the lowest maintenance
  • A blunt bang is the highest maintenance
  • Styling your bangs with hot tools every day could lead to heat damage
  • Bangs need to be washed more often than the rest of your strands

Tips and tricks for styling bangs

It's easy to have a love-hate relationship with your fringe. When they look good, they look good; but they’re not exactly a wash-and-go hairstyle. Styling bangs takes skill but we put together these easy hair hacks to make it a little easier.

Keep your bangs clean

You might not wash your hair everyday and that’s a good thing, but you have to make an exception for your bangs. Bangs get greasy fast and generally need to be washed daily. If you can’t wash them, at least keep a dry shampoo on hand. Not sure how to use dry shampoo? Check out our previous post: "The Dos and Don'ts of Dry Shampoo Explained."

Always dry your bangs right away

Blow out your bangs as soon as you hop out of the shower, while your hair is still very wet. Bangs dry fast and the moment they start to air-dry, they’ve already begun to set into their natural shape The sooner you start styling, the better.

If you can’t blow dry your bangs, twist them 

When blow-drying isn’t an option, work with your hair’s natural texture by twisting them. Split your bangs apart, twist them outward, push the twists to either side. Don’t touch the twists until your hair is dry. This will prevent your fringe from drying in all different directions.

Invest in a straightening or curling iron

To tame frizz and seal their shape, finish styling your bangs by smoothing them with a straightening or curling iron. Choose a slim flat iron that can get all the way to the root. If you have curtain bangs, a thick curling iron is an easy tool to create a perfect swing to the sides. Direct the hair towards your face before curling the ends to the sides.

Clarifying products styling bangs Davines

photo by @goldandglowco

Scale back on the product

When it comes to styling your bangs, less product is more. You can still use your favorite hair essentials, but apply them to the rest of your hair first, using only what’s left on your hands for your bangs.

Be mindful of your bangs during your skincare routine

We would never in a million years try to mess with your skincare routine. And we certainly wouldn’t tell you to skip a daily moisturizer, but you don’t want it transferring to your bangs and making your hair look greasy. So keep your bangs off of your face until all of your skincare products have fully absorbed. To be safe, blot your forehead with a tissue before putting your bangs down.

Tips for growing out your bangs

When you decide to grow out your bangs, there will be an awkward grow-out period of about four to six weeks. Ideally you’ll want to see your hair stylist for periodic trims during this time. The key to growing out your bangs is getting them to blend into the sides of your hair. Your stylist will thin them out as they grow, so they grow out less blocky. Use the following tips and tricks to style your bangs as they grow out. 

  • Create a two strand twist on either side and hold the twists in place with bobby pins
  • Sweep them deeply to one side and clip them in place
  • Hold them back with a headband
  • Style them into a mini pompadour and secure with bobby pins
  • Slick all your strands back with a molding gel for a wet look

Final thoughts on styling bangs

Bangs can instantly transform your attitude, make any hairstyle look a little bit edgier, even hide fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. But there’s no one size fits all fringe. And bangs definitely require maintenance. But when they look good, they look good. Read up on the bang stats and get ready to get your face fringe on for spring!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

cover photo by @goldandglowco

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