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The Wet Hair Look is August’s Hottest Hair Trend

The Wet Hair Look is August’s Hottest Hair Trend
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If the steamy August heat has turned styling your hair into a nightmare, consider a trend that’s become the summer’s off-duty style staple. The wet hair look couldn’t be easier to pull off and is low key cool enough to work day or night. It’s also a chic option for pulling your hair away from your face in the heat. We break down the perfectly combed back, like you just came from the pool, wet hair look below.


Start With Damp Hair

Despite the name, this trend is more about using high-shine products, than actual wet hair. If your hair is too wet, your products will have less to grip to and your strands will be too slippery to sculpt. After washing your hair, let it dry about half way. This is the perfect amount of moisture to get glossy.


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Apply Lots of Gel

Work two to three quarter-size dollops of This is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel through your hairline with your hands, adding extra as needed. The more you apply, the longer your locks will stay sleek. Be careful not to apply gel to the length of your hair — that will make it too crunchy for the wet hair look.


Gloss Your Ends

Lathering your ends with OI Oil will not only hydrate them (your ends are the part of your hair that need hydration most) but it creates a cohesive wet look and blurs the difference between the slicked-back roots and the soft, non-gelled section of your strands.


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Lock It In

Once your wet hair look is in place and before the gel is dry, spray your hair with This Is A Shimmering Mist from root to tip. This will give you a glassy finish and prevent any unruly baby hairs from messing with your super sleek effect.


Wet look lengths are the perfect style for staying cool in the heat. Nail this effortlessly easy and totally on trend style in minutes with a few of our favorite Davines high shine strand products.


Jaclyn LaBadia, Feature Contributor

Cover photo by @reverie_salon


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