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We Sustain Beauty Marketplace

We've teamed up with three unique small businesses to create original gift bundles that celebrate regenerative organic agriculture, locally-sourced food and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Lady and Larder bundle

Lady & Larder: Grow Beautiful Basket

Lady & Larder is a cheese, charcuterie, and wine shop founded by twin sisters, Sarah and Boo Simms. Their little dream shop is located just a couple minutes from the beach in Santa Monica, California. They believe in supporting a 100% domestic and sustainable food culture; one that will continue to thrive for generations to come. Their goal is simple: offer the very best stuff they can get our hands on. They have found that the finest ingredients come from small batch, local producers, and they, like you, know there are no substitutes for quality. These American farmers, craftsmen, butchers, winemakers, beer brewers, and master cheesemakers are truly the best of the best. Lady & Larder is forever dedicated to supporting each of these makers' unwavering commitment and dedication to their craft.

- Assorted seasonal fruit 
- PF Candle Co
- Lady Crackers
- Greenery and florals
- Davines Grow Beautiful Tote
- Davines WE STAND/for regeneration Shampoo & Body Wash

Lady and Larder bundle
Westbourne Bundle

West~bourne: Omakase Berry Pie Bundle

West~bourne crafts packaged products that are sourced regeneratively and are made with the latest sustainable methods, materials, and technology. Founded by activist and  sustainable chef Camilla Marcus, West~bourne collaborates with farms that share their passion for preserving natural resources by using regenerative methods that yield more nutrient-rich, delicious, and environmentally sound food than traditional growers.

- House Pie Crust Mix
- Refined avocado oil
- Oishii Omakase Berry Butter
- Davines Grow Beautiful Tote
- Davines WE STAND/for regeneration Shampoo & Body Wash

Good Clean Wine bundle

Good Clean Wine: Classic Bundle

Good Clean Wine believes in a light touch, letting the grape growing take its course. after all, mother nature has been doing her thing for a while. They use minimal intervention technology such as infra-red sensors that detect the color of the grape leaves and a terra system that measures and reads environmental factors which drastically reduces the number of interventions required.

Their wines are made with no preservatives, coloring, decoloring, added citrus, micro-oxygenation, added sugar, added preservatives and sulfites, synthetic yeasts, nutrients, acids, bacteria, fining, or oaking. less bad stuff for more good times.

- Red wine
- White wine
- Sparkling rosé
- Davines Grow Beautiful Tote
- Davines WE STAND/for regeneration Shampoo & Body Wash

Good Clean Wine

Learn more about how you can support the regenerative organic agriculture movement to heal the planet's soil.

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