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Easy Hairstyles for Halloween in 2021

It’s hard to believe we’re headed into the home stretch of 2021 — while summer brought plenty of sunshine and fun outdoors, luckily there’s so much to be excited for in the fall. But before you head to your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard, let’s cross one thing off of your to-do list: deciding on a Halloween costume!

Before you’re scared off by visions of expensive costume store outfits and spooky long tutorials, never fear — there are actually a lot of costume options where a simple hair tutorial can pave the way to nailing an iconic character. And if you’re the type of person who waits until the night before to choose your costume (no judgement), most of these work as last-minute options as well. You don’t need to spend a ton of money or time perfecting these looks, just follow an easy hair tutorial, add a few matching accessories, and you’re ready to party.

9 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Halloween Costume

Medieval queen tutorial Halloween Davines costume

Courtesy of Marisella Flores

Medieval Queen

We asked stylist Marisella Flores from The Young American Salon to dream up three simple looks for Halloween — first up, we're going back in time. For a royally-cute costume idea (that has a lot of room for interpretation and personalization), you can't go wrong with a medieval queen! Scroll through the slideshow to see how Marisella achieved this glamorous look: 

  1. Cut a crown shape out of flat plastic bottles (Marisella used old Davines Activator bottles), then use a gold paint marker to color it in. Secure both ends together. 
  2. Glue costume jewels to the crown along with lace trim along the edges.
  3. Make 4 even braids out of the hair extensions, spraying a strong hairspray to securethem. 
  4. Apply your royal makeup: extra light foundation, gold and wine-colored eyeshadow, bold cheek color and an exaggerated cupid’s bow lip.
  5. Part your hair in the center, then use hair wax and hairspray to slick it back into a low, sleek bun. 
  6. Take the ends of each of the braids and pin two on each side of your head about an inch off of your hair line at the scalp, then pin them back behind your ears.
  7. Place the crown on your head over the braids, securing with hair pins as needed.

Lunar goddess Halloween Davines

Courtesy of Marisella Flores

Lunar Goddess

Marisella's next look is out of this world — a shimmering, radiant lunar goddess. If you're looking for a more unexpected costume (that's sure to stand out at any party), this is a great choice.

  1. This look needs volume! Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and your favorite conditioner, then spritz on a volumizing hair mist to towel-dried hair. Blow dry as usual.
  2. Apply your glittery, golden makeup.
  3. After sectioning your hair, start at the bottom and use a curling iron to roll your hair up into pin curls.
  4. Continue working through sections until you reach the crown, alternating the directions that you roll the curls to create movement. Backcomb at the root of each section to create even more volume, and secure every section with hair pins. 
  5. After the curls have set, carefully unroll them and secure with a strong hairspray.
  6. Using an old cardboard box (or old Davines packaging like Marisella used), lay it flat and cut out an ornate moon shape, then use spray paint or markers to color it silver. Secure to a headband base.
  7. If you don't have a costume, wrap yourself in spare fabric to create a flowing dress.

Monster bride Davines Halloween

Courtesy of Marisella Flores

Monster Bride

For Marisella's final look, she chose to do her rendition of the classic monster bride. When you combine iconic black-and-white makeup with this show-stopping hairdo, you're guaranteeing yourself a spot on some best-dressed Halloween party lists.

  1. Starting about three fingers down from the crown, section your hair into a small French twist, and secure with hair pins.
  2. Divide your hair into a front and back section at the crown, pulling the front section in front of your face and use a sectioning clip to hold it there for now.
  3. Alternate using texturizing dust (to add tact) and texturizing spray (to add movement) throughout sections of the hair, backcombing to create additional volume.
  4. Using either balled-up hair extensions or a bun former, tuck them into the hairnet — this will be the “base” for the mega volume we need for this look. Secure to your head with pins.
  5. Gather all your hair up and around the hairnet ball, smoothing sections back as you go. Secure in place with pins as needed.
  6. After applying your spooky black and white makeup, stretch out a small piece of spider webbing and secure with pins onto your hair to create the look of white stripes
  7. Spray generously with an extra strong hairspray to lock in the look.
  8. Finish with a black dress, and wrap yourself with old sheet strips as needed.

Princess Leia how to Halloween hair

Milada Vigerova via Unsplash

Space Princess

When it comes to costumes that rely 99% on nailing the hairstyle, you can’t beat this classic movie-inspired look. These iconic twisted buns are a surefire way to make sure people know exactly who you’re dressed as, even with a minimal outfit pairing.

  1. Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is silky and frizz-free, then blow dry.
  2. Part your hair in the middle into two even sections.
  3. Pull each side up into two pigtails, an inch or two above your ear.
  4. Twist each side of your hair into a rope, securing the end with a clear elastic.
  5. Starting at the base of each pigtail, wrap your hair around and around and tuck the ends in under the bun.
  6. Secure with bobby pins and a finishing spritz of strong hold hairspray.

Harley Quinn hair tutorial Halloween costume

Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

Comic Book Villain

Every superhero needs a villain counterpart! This look features some fun and bold pops of color, but would work best if you have lighter hair.

  1. Part your hair down the middle.
  2. Curl your hair, and spray a texturizing spray to add piecey movement (it’s ok if it looks a little messy).
  3. Pull each side of your hair up into high pigtails, leaving out two strands in the front, and secure with elastics.
  4. Spray blue and pink colored hairspray on the ends of each side of the pigtails — if you’re feeling bold, ask your Davines stylist to use Alchemic Creative Conditioners in Pink and Marine Blue, instead.
  5. Take a strand from each side of the pigtail, and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.
  6. Finish with a medium hairspray.

Elsa hair how to Halloween Frozen

JP Yim via Getty Images

Snow Queen

Don't forget to pair this long, flowing braid with a shimmering blue gown (the sparklier, the better). Here’s a great tutorial to achieve this look yourself:

  1. Apply a volume-boosting mousse to towel-dried hair, then blow dry.
  2. Take the middle section of your hair and tease it back from the root to create more volume up top. Repeat until all of your hair is teased. The bigger the better!
  3. Leaving a top “bump” of volumized hair, start to french braid your hair. Remember to also leave out a few wispy pieces in the front as you go.
  4. Secure the end with a clear elastic.
  5. Go back and gently loosen the braid in different sections to make it look a little more relaxed.
  6. Pull out any additional short wispy pieces as needed, and secure with a hairspray.

Rosie the Riveter Halloween hair ideas

Getty Images

Rosie the Riveter

Pay homage to an American icon with a Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume — as an added bonus, you’ll really only need a blue button down shirt and red bandana to finish the look!

  1. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail, leaving out a middle section in the front.
  2. Roll and secure the hair in your ponytail into pin curls.
  3. Take the front section of hair and roll it to the side, creating a swirling effect, or directly back in a small bump, and set it with pins as well.
  4. Secure with a strong hairspray.
  5. Take a red bandana and knot it at the top of your head, securing with bobby pins if needed.

Getty Images


Beachy, flowing waves might be the first thing you think of when you hear “mermaid hair,” but a cute fishtail braid plus seaside hair accessories is a fun twist on the basic look.

  1. Divide your hair into two even sections. Apply a workable hair paste to add additional texture.
  2. Starting on the left section, take a thin piece of hair from the outside, pulling it across and into the right section. Then tuck it under.
  3. Moving to the right section, take a thin piece of hair from the outside, pull it across and tuck it under the left section.
  4. Repeat these alternating steps until you get to the end, then secure your hair with an elastic.
  5. Place starfish or seashell hair clips sporadically throughout your hair to nail that mermaid look.

Toy troll hair Halloween

Getty Images

Toy troll

If you’re feeling whimsical, pay homage to the toys of our childhood and turn your locks into a magical nod to trolls.

  1. Start at the root and tease your hair as big as possible. Dry shampoo is optional if your hair isn’t freshly washed.
  2. Roll a piece of sturdy paper into a cone, and tape it to hold the shape.
  3. Place the cone at the top center of your head, brushing all of your hair up and over to cover it.
  4. Tie the ends of the hair over the top of the cone with a hair tie.
  5. Spraying your hair with a bright pink colored hairspray is optional but highly encouraged! Then follow with a shimmering mist — since we want this to look bold, the more the better!
  6. Start at the root and tease your hair as big as possible.
  7. Finish with an extra strong hairspray.

We hope you’re getting excited for Halloween... minus any stress over having to waste time and money on an expensive or complicated costume. Let us know in the comments below if you end up trying any of these out, or if you have other easy DIY Halloween hair tutorials you think are worth sharing!

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by Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

Cover photo: Marisella Flores

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