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How To Achieve Flawless Frizz-Free Curls This Winter

With winter just around the corner and a frosty chill starting to creep into the air, we felt it was the perfect time to soak up some insider tips for achieving frizz-free, perfectly styled locks. Luckily for us here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we’re close neighbors with Rob Peetoom salon — so we sat down with three expert hairdressers to get the inside scoop on how to achieve frizz-free curls.

Let's be honest too: going from curly to straight, straight to curly, or anything in between isn't always easy, especially when you're battling unforgiving humidity and then transitioning into winter dryness. It’s a constant battle of wondering “which products are right for me? Do I apply them on damp or dry hair? What conditioner will keep my curly hair moisturized and frizz-free?

If you’ve been wondering how to fix frizzy hair, one of the most important parts is replenishing the lost hydration that can lead to unruly strands. Enter hairstylists Amy, Linda and Michael to help us make sense of it all. With well over three decades of hairdressing experience between them, these three are magicians behind the chair and experts in the world of Davines.

Rob Peetoom stylist Linda hard at work

How to get frizz-free curls

Ready to transform your curly hair from out-of-control to perfectly defined and frizz-free? Here are some great sulfate-free products to get started on your hair journey:

Use a shampoo for frizzy hair

The ideal shampoo will keep your hair and scalp living harmoniously with the proper amount of natural oils. Swap out your normal shampoo for a smoothing shampoo instead to help control and nourish your curly hair — the Minuta olive extract in LOVE/Smoothing is harvested from the farm of Mr. Carmelo Messina in Ficarra, Messina, Italy as a part of Slow Food Presidium. Minuta olive extract is abundant in fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are extremely nourishing, softening, and moisturizing… this means significantly less frizzy hair for you! You can also turn to a curl-enhancing shampoo — LOVE/Curl Shampoo is formulated with Noto almond extract from the farm of Mr. Assenza in Noto, Siracusa, Italy. These almonds are rich in proteins and vitamins, helping to elasticize and add volume to curly hair.

Use a conditioner for frizzy hair

Linda's curly-haired clients are big fans of the entire LOVE/Curl line: "I must say, I love to cocktail OI hair products with LOVE/Curl products for my curly-haired clients." She also finds that for clients with curly, frizzy, or coarse hair types, "mixing the LOVE/Smoothing Conditioner with the OI nourishing and smoothing conditioner is a great combination." In general, choosing a hair care line formulated specifically for curly and frizzy hair, is the best foundation for getting rid of unwanted frizz and fighting tangles — check out our blog post on how to deal with dry, curly hair if your strands are dealing with more than just frizz.

Incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning treatment

A hair mask should be a key player in every healthy hair routine, but this is especially beneficial if you’re trying to figure out how to fix frizzy hair. Look for a moisturizing hair mask that can add onto the benefits of your hydrating shampoo and conditioner, helping to nourish and lock in a deeper form of moisture (and make your hair easier to detangle). If your ends are experiencing their own form of frizz, you can multi-mask to distribute different concentrations of nourishment depending on the needs of your scalp, lengths, and ends. Just swap your mask in for your usual conditioner once a week.

Use curl-prep products

Amy recommends LOVE/Curl Controller for adding amazing definition for wavy and curly-haired clients. "A lot of people I've found also don't want a feeling of a lot of product in their hair. So the LOVE/Smoothing and LOVE/Curl lines are great because these are all light creams for the most part," adds Michael. "I also love using a curl primer to spray light moisture onto the hair, and then using a lightweight hair oil to control it a bit more."

A stylist using Davines Love Curl Cream

More tips for getting frizz-free curls

Now that we’ve covered the basics of products you’ll need, here are some more simple ways to get frizz-free curls (and keep them looking that way).

Keep hair wet and brush using a wide-tooth comb

After showering, squeeze out excess moisture but don’t over-do it and dry your hair out — it’s actually best to apply your leave-in curl creams to wet hair. And to ensure even distribution, brush through from lengths to ends with a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle.

Scrunch hair and let hair air dry

If you’re air-drying your curls, scrunch in your products beforehand or try the “plop” method for curls — this trick makes a microfiber towel or old t-shirt do most of the drying work while your hair can soak up its favorite conditioning products.

Or use a diffuser

If you don’t have the time to wait for your hair to air-dry, or just want more control over your curls and waves, dry your hair with a diffuser. Diffusers attach to your blow dryer and help to evenly disperse air over your head, reducing frizz without damaging your natural curl pattern.

If you want to make your straight hair curly…

Some of our favorite ways to transform straight hair are actually heatless curl tutorials — from overnight waves to hair rollers 101, check out our blog post and see which routine works best for you. If you’re struggling with less-than-long locks, be sure to read our blog post on “How to Curl Short Hair” for more tips on how to work with your hair type.

And if you want to make your curly hair straight…

For those with curly hairwho would like to wear their hair straight, LOVE/hair smoother is a perfect anti-humidity savior. According to Amy, "a little goes a long way. I would use a dime-size amount for shoulder length hair, even a little less for finer hair, and go ahead and blow-dry the hair almost all the way, then use a round brush to smooth it out." In fact, regardless of your natural texture, Michael adds the LOVE/hair smoother is "great for all clients who want to have an extra polish on their hair, or if they're blow-drying their hair straighter and looking for a smooth finish."And if you have straight hair and you’re dealing with unwanted frizz? Amy recommends a DIY regimen of using creams from both lines in sequence: "I like to use the lightweight curl-enhancing cream first, followed by a nickel-size amount of the LOVE/Hair Smoother."

A curly haired makeover at Rob Peetoom

Tips for if you have a curly bob or short hair

Amy has a go-to for those of you who already have short, curly hair: "For bob length, short curly hair, use a nickel-size amount of LOVE/Curl Controller, and go ahead and air dry the hair." She recommends putting a little bit on your hand, and working section by section, starting with the nape area, and twisting the hair to add effortless definition to those natural curls while they air dry. "This simple everyday technique works great for fine or thick hair. What's great is you can also use a curl refreshing spray for this method, especially if you are just getting out of bed and don't want to fully wash your hair."

Add finishing touches

Once you’ve nailed the frizz-free curls of your dreams, you’ll want to do everything to keep them that way. If needed, lightly spray on a strong hairspray for additional support and a more firm hold. And because every look can benefit from some silkiness and shine, run a light hair oil gently through your curls to keep them hydrated and shiny without adding any additional weight. Be sure to reference our past blog posts on further info for how to make curls stay.

Lifestyle tips that help reduce frizz on curly hair

Diet and vitamin suggestions

To combat dry, frizzy strands, you need to make sure you’re giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to perform at its peak capacity. Foods rich in Vitamin D like yogurt and salmon are great to help your hair stay healthy, and the Vitamins A and E in avocado are also rich in nourishment. Try to make sure you’re eating as well-rounded a diet as possible — if you feel happy and healthy, your hair should too.

Cool showers

Exposure to hot water can raise the cuticle of your hair and lead to further frizziness. A cold-water rinse at the end of your shower will force the cuticle to lie flat, locking out humidity and locking in shine. And reduced frizz means more beautifully defined curls!

Change your bedtime routine

Before you go to sleep, pull your curls onto the top of your head in a loose bun — this will help you avoid waking up with a tangle of tresses. Additionally, getting a silk or satin pillowcase (instead of a traditional cotton one) is great for letting your hair glide smoothly over the surface, which means less breakage or dull-looking curls.

Reduce stress

The stress hormone cortisol is known to affect the growth cycle of your hair — which means periods of high stress can lead to excessive hair loss and a weak-looking curl pattern. While it can be easier said than done, try to do everything you can to reduce unnecessary stress in your life, and your body (and hair) will thank you.

Final thoughts on getting frizz-free curls

No matter the season, we want you to have the tips and tricks to achieve the flawless, frizz-free curls of your dreams. Just make sure you’re stocked up on smoothing and curl-enhancing products, style smarter, and make some quick lifestyle adjustments to meet your hair goals. Do you have a favorite Davines product for taming, smoothing, and styling? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Conditioning cleansing cream for curly or wavy hair.

Leave-in serum for creating defined, bouncy curls.

Controlling and nourishing mask for curly or wavy hair.

by Laura Buffaloe & Lauren Hannel, staff contributors
All photos courtesy of Cassell Ferrere

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