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Anti Breakage Shampoo

Shampoo formulated for long or damaged hair. The formula in our anti-breakage shampoo is a creamy foam that is designed to gently cleanse the hair, and create a glossy shine.

 The shampoo and conditioner in your shower could be sabotaging your quest for luscious, healthy locks simply because of the ingredients packed in its gilded bottle. It’s time to upgrade your hair care routine to include an anti breakage shampoo that fosters a flowy, smooth head of hair. 

Anti Breakage Shampoo
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The Best Shampoos for Breakage

What causes hair to break off anyways? A variety of things are to blame for split ends and hair breakage. When at its healthiest, each hair follicle is able to bend and stretch without snapping right off. However,damaged, dry hair strands are not strong enough to take this pressure and movement, snapping off during brushing, blow drying, andstyling

Heads of hair that undergo color treating, chemical styling (like straightening and perms), frequent blowouts, and bleaching are most at risk for hair breakage. Chemicals applied to the hair weaken the hair follicle and leave it stripped, allowing moisture to easily escape. But rest assured, there is a way to strengthen your hair, prevent breakage, and encourage your luscious locks to live long and prosper. It starts with an anti-breakage shampoo. 

Choosing an Anti-breakage Shampoo

Choosing an anti breakage shampoo is a simple solution to quell your hair care woes. Ditch any shampoo containing sulfates, parabens, and SLES in exchange for a naturally-derived anti breakage shampoo that quenches thirsty hair. Pair this product with asulfate free conditioner and you're on your way to lucious, healthy locks. 

You don’t have to spend countless hours or hundreds of dollars to achieve lastinghair health. Simple swaps, like replacing your standardshampoo with an anti breakage shampoo, gives your scalp and hair a solid foundation. Skip heathair treatmentsand go a little longer between dye-jobs and your hair will certainly respond. You may even request that your stylist use an anti breakage shampoo before applying treatments to your ‘do. There are plenty of ways to prevent your hair from snapping off, but one thing is certain - anything toxic has got to go.  


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