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Sulfate Free Shampoo

Our collection of sulfate-free shampoo aims to improve hair and scalp health. By cleansing your hair without parabens or sulfates, your hair won’t be stripped of natural oils that are vital to scalp and hair health.

Sulfate Free Shampoo
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What is a sulfate free shampoo?

Sulfate free shampoo is a hair cleanser that doesn't contain sulfates, which are harsh chemicals found in many traditional shampoos. Sulfates help shampoos lather and cleanse the hair of oil and dirt, but since they are harsh on hair, they often strip away healthy oils and moisture, leaving the hair dry and brittle and the scalp irritated and flaky. Sulfate free shampoos often contain a gentler cleansing that helps retain moisture and is suitable for sensitive skin or hair.


Is sulfate free shampoo good for your hair?

Sulfate free shampoo is generally considered better for your hair because it's gentler and less likely to strip away natural oils. Natural oils are produced by your scalp to keep your strands moisturized, healthy, and less likely to break or frizz. When too much oil is stripped away, hair becomes fragile, weak, and dry. A sulfate free shampoo preserves healthy oils as compared to shampoos that use sulfates as a cleansing ingredient.


What happens when you start using sulfate free shampoo?

You may notice softer and less dry hair, as it doesn't strip away natural oils. It can alsoreduce scalp irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Your hair may also go through an adjustment period as it gets acclimated to the alternative cleansing ingredients and healthier levels of oil from your scalp, but in the long run, you can expect revived, sleeker strands and a less scratchy scalp.


How often should I use a sulfate free shampoo?

As often as you wouldregular shampoo, depending on your hair type and personal preference. Some people find they can use it daily, while others prefer to use it less frequently to prevent over-cleansing and maintain natural oils. When you first make the switch to sulfate free shampoo, consider shampooing for often for a smoother adjustment. You might find that your hair temporarily gets oily quicker as it adjusts to new levels of moisture.


What do sulfates do to your hair?

Sulfates are harsh detergents found in many shampoos as well as many cleaning products. When used on the hair, however, they can strip away natural oils from your hair and scalp. This can lead to dryness, irritation, and frizziness, especially for those with sensitive or dry hair. Breakage is also more likely to occur because hair strands are weakened by the lack of healthy oils and nutrients.


What conditioner should I use with a sulfate free shampoo?

Look forconditioners that are specifically formulated to provide moisture and nourishment without weighing down your hair. Ones that contain natural oils, such as argan oil or coconut oil, can help hydrate and soften your hair and will work well when used in tandem with sulfate free shampoos.

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Sulfates are commonly found in traditional shampoos—they create a lathering and foaming effect during hair cleansing. However, this ingredient is notorious for stripping hair of its natural moisture, causing dullness in rich colors, and irritating the scalp which leads to concerns like dandruff.


Modern sulfate free shampoos offer an alternative, providing a rich lather to effectively remove dirt and grime without drying out strands. Each Davines sulfate free shampoo is carefully formulated with ingredients that prioritize your hair's health, eliminating the harmful effects associated with sulfates.


Sulfate free shampoo can help preserve color-treated hair. By switching to a sulfate free formula, you can save both money and time spent at the salon. Say goodbye to broken split ends and washed-out color. Instead, your hair will feel nourished, shiny, and vibrant, with the shampoo preserving color, moisture, and natural oils. By removing sulfates from your hair wash routine, you're establishing a solid foundation for a healthy and nourishing hair care regimen.

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