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Six Curly Hair Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair

Even the most skilled stylist knows that naturally curly hair has a mind of its own; it can poof out, frizz up or deflate depending on its mood. Whether you’ve recently decided to embrace your curls, or just need a few insider tips, we’ve got the hair hacks you need for gorgeous curls every time.  

Hack 1: Twist your strands 

If your goal is to create soft uniform curls all over, twisting your strands is your go-to. Distribute a quarter-sized amount of Love Curl Cream through wet hair with your fingers. Then part your hair into four symmetrical sections, and twist small sections around one another. Be sure to use the same amount of firmness or slackness for each twist. Continue twisting each section until you've twisted all of your hair (the result should look like pigtails). Let your hair air dry, and then undo your twists. Finish by gently lifting your roots with a wide-toothed comb for volume.

Hack 2: Band your strands 

Banding is one of the easiest curly hair hacks, leaving you with stretched-out, elongated curls (think waves), with minimal damage to your hair. Apply This Is A Curl Moisturizing Mousse to wet hair and use a boar-bristle brush to distribute it evenly. Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie or elastic band. Then, place more bands in even intervals all the way down to the end of your hair. Once your hair is dry, take out the elastic bands and gently pull apart each section to finish the look.

Hack 3: Scrunch your strands 

Scrunching can turn loose, lifeless curls into smooth, defined waves adding texture to lackluster hair. Shampoo withLove Curl Shampoo and then condition withLove Curl Conditioner using a flat, open palm to squish the conditioner into your hair. Rinse and gently towel-dry your hair using a microfiber towel. Then scrunchThis Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel into it, squeezing out any excess water in the process. Continue scrunching every five to ten minutes until your hair is dry.

Hack 4: Plop your strands 

Plopping is a relatively new process that involves flipping your head over and gently lowering your damp locks onto a cotton t-shirt and then wrapping it up. Plopping soaks up excess water, cuts down drying time and enhances your hair’s natural curl pattern. Prime your damp hair withLove Curl Primer prior to plopping, and comb it through with a wide tooth comb to detangle any knots. Once your hair is wrapped and fully dry (anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your hair’s texture) release your curls and use your fingers to rough it up at yours roots for volume.

Hack 5: Pineapple your strands 

Pineappling is a method designed for drying naturally curly hair overnight, while keeping the integrity of your curls in place. Check out our previous post "Preserve Your Curls While You Sleep by Pineappleing Your Hair" for a step by step guide to pineappling.

Hack 6: Seal your strands 

Split ends are a naturally curly haired girl’s worst nightmare. Coarse ends are a sign that your curls are dry and damaged. Prevent split ends by sealing your ends, or adding moisture to your ends where you need it most. The shape of naturally curly hair means that your scalp's natural oils have a longer way to travel to reach the ends of your hair shaft. To seal your hair, applyOI Oil to your ends. 

Play around with our hacks for your most gorgeous head of curls every time you style!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

cover photo by Cassell Ferere

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April 21, 2021

Six Curly Hair Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair – Davines


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Six Curly Hair Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair – Davines

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