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Hair Trends of 2022 - From Color Trends to Hair Cuts & More

Hello, 2022! You can’t discuss upcoming hair trends for the new year without acknowledging how we got to this place in recent years — COVID saw many people unable to visit their hair salon for at least a few months, and that drastically changed what they could do with their locks. And even though most hair salons are finally open, many people permanently adopted the changes that quarantine brought on, such as longer styles, embracing incoming grays, or just looking for a low-maintenance cut.

So what lies ahead? Even if you missed out on last year’s hair trends, this is the perfect time to get inspired and try something new! 2022 hair and beauty trends range from subtle changes to your look (like changing your part or getting bangs), to fun and bold colors that are guaranteed to turn a few heads. Let’s get started.

Hair cut and style trends in 2022

Before we can get to the fun part (aka all of the cool hair colors that are trending this year), you need to start with a strong foundation — the right cut and style.

Middle part 2022 hair trend

The middle part

While middle parts have been a mainstay for years, I’ve definitely noticed an increased resurgence with the return of Y2K fashion. And as someone on Tiktok, one of the most frequent comments I’ll see on videos where creators ask for beauty and style tips is a simple “change your part!” Not sure if switching up your part would suit your face shape? While middle parts can make your face look longer (especially if you have long hair), try it out and see what you prefer based on your hair length, texture, and preferred style.

80’s shag

While 70’s hairstyles have had their moment in the spotlight, we’re stepping ahead a decade with the shag. Low-maintenance and effortlessly cool, the shag can work on almost any hair texture and length — just be wary if you have thin hair, since the texturizing process of getting a shag cut will thin out your hair further. The real appeal of the shag haircut (aside from the rockstar edge it instantly gives you) is how easy it is to style! Apply a volumizing mousse, tousle, and either air dry or use a diffuser to bring out the natural texture that the cut provides. It’s easy to see why so many celebrity hairstylists have been giving this look to their clients!

Bold bob Davines hair trend 2022

photo by Cassell Ferrere

Edgy and bold bobs

The bob has been around for decades, but 2022 is introducing some edgy variations to this classic cut — the wash-and-go “boy bob” feels effortless and carefree, the “liquid bob” is glossy and feels almost fluid, and the “70’s bob” is like a fun, retro-inspired super short shag. Ask your hairstylist what they recommend for your face shape and preferred styling routine. Bobs can work on most hair textures, and a blunt edge to your bob has the benefit of making fine hair look denser.

Heavy layers

With the resurgence of the shag and more 70’s and and 80’s inspired haircuts, it’s no surprise that heavy layering is trending for 2022. While we’d advise against heavy layers if you have fine or thin hair (as this can make your hair look thinner), layers can actually be customized to fit your hair length, texture and styling routine. Just work with your stylist to see what they recommend!

90’s volume

The 70’s and 80’s aren’t the only decades inspiring 2022’s trending hair looks: voluminous, “90’s it-girl” hair (think Alicia Silverstone in Clueless) is a beautiful look that’s easy to wear everyday. The key to this look is getting bouncy movement and volume.

Bottleneck bangs

The choppier, shaggier alternative to curtain bangs, bottleneck bangs are the more low-maintenance alternative to last year’s trending look. The shape is literally inspired by the neck of a bottle — slim in the middle with a widening curve, this flattering face-framing cut can be adjusted to work with almost any face shape or hairstyle. To style your bottleneck bangs, use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo at the roots to create a laid-back, textured effect.

2022 hair trend bold bangs

photo by Cassell Ferrere

Bold bangs

2022 is all about embracing change and trying something new. Aside from bottleneck bangs, there are a few other bold ways to wear bangs in the new year. A blunt fringe works amazingly well if you have naturally straight hair, and eyebrow-length bangs on those with tight coils and highly textured hair are beautifully face-framing. Once you’ve settled on a style, check out our blog post on tips for styling bangs to make sure you’re stocked up on the right styling products.

Box braids

Aside from being a great protective hairstyle for those with tight coils and textured hair, box braids are seeing an extra boost of popularity within the past few years. The name “box braid” comes from the squares that each braid is sectioned into, and the beauty of this look is that it’s extremely versatile — from statement-making jumbo box braids to box braids with softened, curled ends, there are a ton of different looks to suit your hair and style needs.

photo by Cassell Ferrere

Natural, unstyled hair

What’s better than embracing your natural hair texture? Working from home for so long definitely affected many people when it comes to what they consider a “daily hair routine” — I myself went from daily blowouts to scrunching my hair to bring out my naturally curly hair. So it’s easy to see why this love of conveniently easy hair care would carry into 2022. Just stock up on the right custom hair essentials (is your hair dyed? Does it need color protection?) as well as complimenting hair treatments, and you can help your natural hair look effortlessly beautiful, no styling required.

2022 hair trend sleek high pony

Sleek high pony

Not into the all-natural look, but still want a style that isn’t too much effort? A sleek, slicked back high pony will make you look pulled together without requiring a lot of prep time. To style, start with a light hair oil on your palms, and gather your hair at the top of your head, smoothing back as you go. Secure with an elastic, and spray on a medium hairspray to fight flyaways and lock in the style. For an extra boost of shine, finish with a shimmering mist and additional hair oil on the ends as needed.

The bixie

What do you get when you combine the 2021 pixie hair trend with the bob of 2022? The bixie! The textured bixie haircut falls in between a pixie and bob in length, making this the perfect next step for someone with shoulder-length hair to try, if you’re not quite ready to commit to a super short cut. To style a bixie haircut, start by applying a curling mousse, then diffusing to avoid frizz. Once the hair is dry, finish by applying a brushable hairspray to help set the look and natural-looking texture. And if you think you might be ready to go beyond a bixie: check out our post on three ways to wear a pixie cut to see if you’re feeling inspired to get a shorter chop!

Hair Color Trends in 2022

And finally, we’re talking color! There’s a color trend for everyone — from the most bright and bold purple, to a color reset that will simplify your maintenance routine.

Periwinkle hair

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri, is not only a fun color to mix into your interior design plan, but also a bold hue for your hair. A periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones, Pantone describes Very Peri as: “Displaying a carefree confidence and daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit.” We can’t think of a better meaning behind trying this exciting and expressive new hair color! The only thing to keep in mind is the upkeep required for this style — even with colored hair products, the hue will start to fade without regular color refreshing appointments, so ask your hair stylist for a realistic maintenance routine before you make the plunge.

2022 hair trend subtle highlights face framing

photo by Cassell Ferrere

Subtle face-framing highlights

While 2021 saw chunky money piece highlights dominate as a trend, the response to that is trying a more subtle kind of face-framing highlight for 2022. Work with your hair stylist to see what they recommend based on your face shape and desired color.

Mushroom blonde

While not a new hair color for this year, Pinterest reported that searches for “mushroom blonde” started trending within the past few months. So, what is it? Not quite blonde, not quite brunette, this ashy tone is a perfect stopping point for anyone transitioning between the colors. And even better, it’s low-maintenance when it comes to color upkeep, generally only requiring a touch up 2-4 times a year.

Warm ombre 2022 hair trend Davines

Warm ombre

Since we’ve all fallen into the comfort that comes with low-maintenance color, it's very likely that caramel, warm hues will be trending for 2022. Generally less difficult to maintain than ashier shades, adding shades of copper, caramel and auburn into your hair will instantly add beautiful dimension. And a longer ombre means a more natural-looking grow out process, saving you the hassle of constantly tending to your hair.

All natural

COVID may have forced many people to skip their usual color appointments for a while, but embracing your natural color is a low-maintenance trend that’s definitely sticking around! Don’t worry about harsh grow-out lines if you’re not ready to quit color cold turkey — from subtle highlights to transitional colors, your Davines stylist can work with you to find the right way to slowly move your hair toward your natural hue, as well as how to transition to gray naturally.

Final thoughts on 2022 hair trends

With an entire year ahead of us, it’s exciting to think about all of the fun new looks we can experiment with. Looking good on video calls might have been the priority during peak stay-at-home season, but now that we’re venturing out into the world it’s time to debut a fun new look in real life. No matter what cut or color you choose, there’s one beauty tip that never goes out of style: caring for your hair and scalp with natural, quality-made products from brands like Davines. Have any other hair styles or colors that you’ve started seeing everywhere, and you think will be big for 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

cover photo by @goldandglowco

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